AILET PG Syllabus 2025: Subject-Wise Important Topics

AILET PG Syllabus 2025: The AILET LLM exam is administered by NLU each year to give admission to PG programs in law. It is acknowledged to be difficult to pass, but getting into a top NLU is lucrative.

Constitutional Law and Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, Human Rights, and Humanitarian Law, Constitutional Law, and Personal Laws and Business Laws are the five specialties offered by NLU Delhi. Students of this generation have a greater understanding of their future careers and do not merely limit themselves to engineering and medicine.

For 70+10 LLM slots in 2025, students have to compete. Due to NLU Delhi’s reputation, a growing number of students wish to apply each year for one of the few available seats.

An average of 1500–1600 students show up for the exam, which is a 4.5% success rate! Understanding the AILET LLM exam and the syllabus is essential before you can join the 4.5% of students who passed the exam.

AILET PG Syllabus 2025 – Overview

The All India Law Entrance Test (AILET) is administered using a traditional offline pen and paper format. According to the schedule, the AILET PG 2025 exam will last 90 minutes. In the AILET LLM exam, they will be given 100 questions of an objective nature and 2 questions of a subjective nature.

Sections A and B will each be divided into two halves. As a result, section A will be divided into two parts. 50 questions will be in English, and 50 will be from legal reasoning in part 1. While in Section B, candidates will have to choose any two of the ten questions to respond to.

Questions from various undergraduate-level fields of law as well as from subjects like the English language and logical reasoning will be asked. Candidates can review the syllabus below, broken down by section.

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AILET PG 2025 Syllabus [Section-Wise] & Marking Scheme

Section AILET LLM Total Questions Marks
Section A English language 50 50
  Legal Reasoning 50 50
Section B Subjects of law 10 (Only 2 to be attempted) 50
Total 110 150

Important Topics for AILET PG Exam 2025

All key legal topics are included in the AILET PG exam. The following themes from the AILET course syllabus are required reading for the LLM program.

According to the official website, the AILET PG syllabus includes topics like criminal law, constitutional law, the law of contracts, jurisprudence, the law of torts, and international law.

Although portion “etc.” has a vast scope, we have supplied the whole list in the table below.

  • Constitutional law is a corpus of legislation that establishes the functions, authorities, and organizational framework for a state’s executive, legislature, and judicial branches.
  • Jurisprudence: Theory and Philosophy of Law
  • Administrative Law – The corpus of law that controls the operations of governmental administrative agencies is known as administrative law.
  • Law of Contract – The primary act governing Indian contract law is the Law of Contract, which specifies the rules governing contracts in India.
  • Law of Torts – A tort occurs when one person or entity intentionally injures another, and the victim may then file a compensation claim. There are many different types of specific torts, such as defamation, nuisance, trespass, and carelessness.
  • Children, paternity, domicile, contact, and parental right. Family law. Divorce, breakdown, and financial separation. Adoption, surrogacy, kidnapping, cruelty, and neglect may also fall under this. Children’s Rights (considering a child’s capacity to make their own decisions), Family Violence
  • Criminal Law – Criminal Law, aggravating and mitigating circumstances, bail and bonds, restitution to crime victims, plea deals, etc.
  • Property Law – Property law, includes intellectual property, standard security enforcement, and involuntary securities such as liens, ownership, and restriction.
  • Company Law – Corporate law is the corpus of legislation that regulates the rights, relationships, and behavior of individuals, companies, organizations, and businesses. It is often referred to as business law, enterprise law, or company law.
  • Public international law – Subjects covered under the field of international law include the law of the sea, the law of treaties, state jurisdiction, international criminal law, human rights, international humanitarian law, and the international law of the environment.
  • Tax Law – Accounting and Timing in Tax Law, Bankruptcy and Insolvency, Benefits and Pensions, Corporate Taxation, Employment Taxes, etc.
  • Environmental Law – The phrase “environmental law” refers to all areas of the law that protect the environment. The management of certain natural resources, such as forests, minerals, or fisheries, is the focus of a related but different set of regulatory regimes that are now heavily impacted by environmental legal principles.

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AILET LLM Marking Scheme 2025

  • According to the university’s reservation policy and the total number of marks obtained in Section A, the institution will compile a list with three times the number of seats for each category of students. Only those candidates on this list who are eligible for Section B will be evaluated.
  • A final rank list will be created based on a combination of Sections A and B results.
  • Negative marking will be used in Section-A of the AILET in 2025. The formula 0.25*4=1, which states that 0.25 marks will be subtracted for each incorrect response, will serve as the basis for the criteria for negative marking. Therefore, four incorrect responses will result in the loss of one (1) mark.
  • The following criteria will be used to determine a candidate’s merit if two or more of them receive the same score on the All India Law Entrance Test (AILET): Seniority and computerized lot drawing.

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AILET PG Preparation Tips 2025

One of the toughest admission tests for the law is the AILET 2025 at NLU Delhi. Candidates ought to therefore get ready for AILET 2025 in a comprehensive way. The candidates’ entrance exam preparation will go more smoothly with the help of the following advice.

  • Organize your daily schedule and create a study schedule.
  • Create a study schedule for each subject after thoroughly reading the AILET 2025 syllabus.
  • Take a look at a daily newspaper like The Hindu or The Indian Express.
  • Make notes as you study and periodically review them.
  • At least two months before the entrance exam, try to finish your curriculum.
  • To boost your AILET preparation, complete practice exams, and sample papers.

AILET PG 2025 Syllabus FAQs

Q: What are the key subjects to research for the AILET LLM?

A: Law of Torts, Family Law, International Law, Jurisprudence, Property Law, Intellectual Property Law, Law of Contract, and Criminal Law are some of the significant subjects covered in the AILET LLM.

Q: What type of questions will be asked in the AILET LLM admission exam?

A: The AILET LLM Exam 2025 will consist of objective-style, multiple-choice questions. Candidates must be familiar with the exam format to take the test without difficulty.

Q: How many LLM seats will there be available at DU overall through AILET 2025?

A: Delhi University offers 73 spots for the LLM 2 Year program and 64 seats for the LLM 3 Year program. The AILET Entrance Exam is primarily used to award admission to the seats.

Q: What LLM programs does the Faculty of Law offer through AILET 2025, and in what specializations?

A: Three different LLM programs are provided by Delhi University through AILET 2025. The first is a two (2) year LL.M. program, while the second is a three (3) year LL.M. program. For international students, there is also a three-year Master of Comparative Law (MCL) degree program.

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