Civil Judge Books – Best Books For Civil Judge Exam Preparation 2024

Candidates appearing for Judiciary Exams will always have a question about which are the best books for judiciary exams. The candidates should choose good books and study materials to start their preparation for the exam. To help law students prepare well here is the list of best standard books for judiciary exams like PSC, Delhi Judiciary, Gujarat Judiciary, UP Judiciary, Himachal Judiciary, Rajasthan Judiciary, and other competitive exams.

  • Three stages make up the Civil Judge Exam selection procedure: a screening test, a written examination, and an oral examination.
  • To pass all three exam stages, you will unquestionably need to consult this list of crucial Civil Judge Books organized by subject.
  • The candidates waste a lot of time trying to find the best study material for their particular competitive exam, which is now common to see.
  • Due to the abundance of study materials available both offline and online. Furthermore, if you are unaware of the top Civil Judge Books, you risk wasting a lot of time that could be spent doing other things.

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Civil Judge Examination Books List 

The candidate should be aware that bare acts should be their top priority before purchasing the books for the civil judge exam preparation. More important than any other source of information, bare acts are the basis of law. Here is a list of the top books for each subject to use as you study for the Indian judicial exams.

The Judiciary Exam is the entry point to the most prestigious position in India: judgeship. Being a judge not only leads to a successful career but also carries a lot of responsibility.


The majority of the Judiciary Exam notifications have been released, and candidates are working hard to pass the test. Even if you’ve signed up for some coaching or test preparation for the judiciary exam, the best study partner is still going to be a good book.

Here are some books that are suggested and can be used as references:

Book Author
General Knowledge (Static G K) Upkar, Lucent’s General Knowledge, and Arihant’s General Science
General Knowledge (Current Affairs) Pratiyogita Darpan
Ultimate Guide to the Judicial Services Examination 2018 For all States by LexisNexis
English Objective general English by R.S Aggarwal
Indian Constitution V.N Shukla, J.N Pandey, PM Bakshi
Indian Penal Code P.S.A. Pillai’s criminal law Book, K.D Gaur
Indian Contract Act and the Indian Evidence Act Avtar Singh
Code of Civil Procedure C K Takwani
Criminal Procedure Court R V Kelkar
Torts R K Bangia
Modern Hindu law Paras Diwan
Limitation Act J.D. Jain

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Books for Bare Acts

Books Author
Constitution of India – Bare Act Pratayogita Darpan (Polity issue), M.P.Jain
Code of Civil Procedure – Bare Act C K Takwani
Transfer of Property Act – Bare Act Poonam Pradhan (lexis Nexis)
Specific Reliefs Act – Bare Act Avtar Singh
Indian Evidence Act – Bare Act V P Sarathi, Batuklal
Code of Criminal Procedure – Bare Act R V Kelkar
Jurisprudence J. G. Riddall
Muslim Laws with Model Nikahnama-Bare act with short Notes Universal
Negotiable Instruments Act – Bare Act
MP Land Revenue Code – Bare Act

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List of books for Civil Judge Preliminary Exam Preparation

You should perform as many speed tests as you can from practice books and test series as a preliminary examination is a qualifying examination. You’ll be able to solve the preliminary examination more quickly and accurately thanks to this. Please refer to the list of highly recommended books for civil judge exam.

Subject Name of the Book
Constitution Introduction to the Constitution of India

The Constitutional Law of India

Constitution of India (with Supplement 2016)

Series-12 Indian National Movement & Constitutional Development

Indian Polity for Civil Services Examination

Indian Contract Act Property Law

The Transfer of Property Act

The Key to Indian Practice

Limitation Act Bare Act
Civil Procedure Code The Key to Indian Practice (A Summary of The Code of Civil Procedure)

Civil Procedure (CPC) with Limitation Act, 1963

Code of Criminal Procedure Civil Procedure Code

Criminal Procedure

Specific Relief Act Law of Contract & Specific Relief

List of Civil Judge Books For Mains Exam Preparation

Subject Name of the Book
Criminal Law R.V. Kelkar’s Lectures on Criminal Procedure Code
Indian Evidence Act The Law of Evidence
Negotiable Instrument Act The Negotiable Instrument Act
Indian Penal Code P.S.A. Pillai’s Criminal Law

Penal Code (With the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2018

Commentary on the Indian Penal Code

Judgment Writing Art of Writing Judgments

Singhal’s An Insight Into Judgment Writing

Muslim Law Muslim Vidhi
International Law International Law and Human Rights

International Court of Justice

Charter of the United Nations and Statute of the

General Mains Guide Guide to Judicial Service Mains examination – Vol. 1

To participate in the interview round, candidates must pass the written examination. Candidates must be up to date on current events and knowledgeable about the topic at hand for the interview round. Candidates will also be evaluated on these topics as well as their aptitude, clarity of thought, and other skills.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs): 

Q: Are Civil Judge Books sufficient for the Judiciary preparation?

A: Yes, the suggested Civil Judge Books are sufficient for your preparation. However, you must also take several practice exams and read all the additional required study materials, such as newspapers and current affairs.

Q: How should I study the Bare Acts?

A: It is crucial to realize that bare acts should always be at the top of your list before you rush out and buy all the books. Acts of Bareness are necessary. They are more important than any reference book because they are the foundation of the law. The candidate should divide the section into its constituent parts before reading a specific provision of an act from the bare act to better comprehend the ideas.

Q: What is the most effective method of getting ready for the Civil Judge exam?

A: To ensure they finish the entire syllabus before the deadline, candidates must adhere to a strict schedule, which must be created for their convenience. One must evaluate their daily schedule and create a study schedule in line with it. Candidates are advised to pay closer attention to their weak areas.

Q: Which text should we read to understand justice?

A: Every book on law. A vast body of law. No shackles. primarily the CPC, CrPC, and the Evidence Act in general If you choose civil law, it applies to acts such as the contract act, the specific relief act, and the limitation act. The IPC, the Negotiable Instruments Act, other penal laws, etc. are examples of criminal laws that apply similarly if you choose them. Have a thorough analysis of the procedural laws as well as a few of the substantive laws that you will likely encounter in everyday practice to prepare for judicial services.

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