Creative Edge Grand Learning Festival 2023 by Toprankers

Make Your Designing Career Bloom with Creative Edge

The future of design has been broadening vastly due to the rooting standards of design options, and aspirants are becoming more passionate about learning and acquiring great techniques and skills related to the field.

Moreover, the demand for designing solutions and approaches has become the demand for many potential business handles and companies. So, the pay scale for designing a career has evolved to be tremendous and appealing. Due to the arrival of different sets of entrance examinations in design, students need to be thorough and precise about their preparation to score good marks.

Creative Edge Grand Learning Festival

Looking at this in-depth path of career choice, Toprankers has comprehensively curated a great initiative for the design and architecture field known as Creative Edge.  Creative Edge offers coaching for different design and architecture entrance exams like NIFT, NATA, NID, UCEED, CEED,  JEE B. Arch, and other university-level design entrance exams.

All about Creative Edge Grand Learning Festival by Toprankers

Creative Edge Grand Learning Festival is a part of Toprankers The Grand Learning Festival (TGLF), which caters to architecture and design aspirants. Creative Edge has developed its Grand Learning Festival, where a series of academic activities will be conducted. This learning experience will infuse practical knowledge among the students and a detailed version of how they can score well in every competitive design exam. Creative Edge is the proficient medium for students who want to excel in their career choice.

This learning experience will provide numerous courses and test series to enthral your knowledge. If you enrol with the top-ranking perspective of Creative Edge, you will be benefited from lots of discounts. So, make your learning authentic along with being on the profitable side!

Start Date: 13th April 2023

End Date: 17th April 2023

Discount: upto 30%

Platform: Toprankers Website and Social Media

Registration Link:

Activities you can expect with the Creative Edge Grand Learning festival

A series of activities will be comprehensively conducted by the Creative Edge learning festival as listed below:

Large Discount on all Courses,  Test Series and Free Study Material

Around 30% off on all design and architecture courses at both online and offline centres. Many students get confused about choosing the perfect study material for their preparation. So, understanding the level of exemplary design exams like NID, NIFT, NID PG, CEED, UCEED, JEE MAIN, and NATA, the professionals will curate the materials. The experts will execute the ingenious tasks within the test series through which a student’s knowledge will be diversified.

Creative edge learning festival


In the learning festival, the Creative Edge professionals will conduct several quiz contests through which an aspirant will be clear about their knowledge and can gain concepts about the design field. The design expert will hold and free drawing sessions to enhance students’ drawing skills.

Webinars and Topper Interviews

Creative Edge will give you an ultimate chance to broaden your perspective on the design field. So, many professional experts will conduct webinars for you to give a keen depiction of the field and how you should behave in the practical world. With webinars,  toppers interviews will be done to give a clear idea of career choices and preparation.

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How Creative Edge Grand Learning Festival is a great opportunity for design aspirants?

By joining the Creative Edge Grand learning festival, you will be benefited from numerous inclusions like:

  • Understand the scope of the design industry: As an aspirant, learn the great detailing of the design field and how the diverse categories channel their roots in the trending market.
  • Be in a competitive magnitude: When you meet several aspirants over the Creative Edge platform, the similarity of the like minds will make you prepare for the competitive state in the field.
  • Acquire knowledge about trends: Creative Edge always specifies the upgrade materials through which you will understand the need and demands of the trending market.
  • Enhance your communication skills: Along with your design concepts, acquire great communication skills by having keen discussions with professionals.

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