How To Become A Civil Judge – Check Complete Selection Process

Becoming a civil judge in India is one of the respected career options. It is a position of responsibility and pride. The effectiveness of the judicial system entirely depends on the functioning of the judges. A judge is a person who is responsible for making critical decisions in court. This position has the highest authority in the court is responsible for making the final verdict.

A judge should listen to the hearing of the case and give an unbiased verdict based on the evidence presented. A judge represents the judicial system. He or she should be neutral while presiding over the case. A judge can do it alone or as a member of a panel of judges.

How to become a civil judge?

Now, let’s have a look at the step by step process to becoming a civil judge:

Step 1: The first requirement to become a civil judge is to be an LLB graduate from any University/College recognized by the Bar Council of India. You can opt for an LLB degree from any of the thousands of law colleges/departments of the law of various universities, law schools, and law universities.

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You can opt for either a 3-year LL.B degree or a 5-year integrated B.A./BBA/ LL.B degree. You can pursue a 3-year LLB degree after graduation in any stream. While you can pursue a 5-year integrated course right after completing class 12.

Step 2: Once you are an LLB graduate, you need to compete for the State Judicial Services Examination. The respective state governments will conduct the examination. For example, the Karnataka government conducts the Karnataka Judicial Services Examination, the West Bengal government conducts the West Bengal Judicial Services Examination, etc. You need to clear three phases of the exam: Preliminary, Mains, & Viva-Voce. Watch free civil judge demo classes by Judiciary Gold.

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Civil Judge Selection Process FAQs

Q). Is it a compulsion to have an LLB degree to become a judge?

A). Yes, the candidate should have an LLB degree to become a judge.

Q). How many phases does the State Judicial Services Examination consist of?

A). It consists of three phases namely: Preliminary, Mains, & Viva-Voce.

Q). Who is a judge?

A). A judge is a person who is responsible for making critical decisions in court.

Q). Who are eligible to be a Civil Judge?

A). The people from the following fields are eligible to become a judge: 1. Advocate, Attorney, Pleader 2. Fresh Law Graduates 3. Members of ministerial staff of the High Court 4. Members of staff working as Legal Assistant or above in the legal sector of the Law and Judiciary Department in the Government. 5. Members of Ministerial Staff of the Office of the Government.

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