How To Prepare For IPM Interview [Preparation Strategy]

The five-year integrated management program provided by IIM Indore is the first of its kind in India. This is the training for you if you want to be a leader. Following your IPM written test, you will be invited to participate in a WAT and PI procedure for admission. The written exam will assess your knowledge and ability, and the personal interview will assess your entire personality and mental agility.

How To Prepare For IPM Interview [Rohtak & Indore]

The Personal Interview is an integral component of the admissions process at IIM Indore and Rohtak. This is feared by many candidates even more than the admission exam. However, with proper preparation and practice, you will be able to pass the interview.

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In your IPM interview, you may be asked some questions more than once. Doing the following things before your interview will give you an advantage:

  • Prepare your responses to the following questions.
  • Prepare your answers to the following questions ahead of time.

Preparing thoroughly not only increases your confidence but also aids you in providing higher-quality responses while inside the interview room. You may prepare for your IPM interview by thinking about the following questions:

  • Why do you want to join IIM?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Why have you chosen this career path for yourself?
  • Where do you see yourself 5 years down the lane?


Each institute is also proud of its history and the education it provides. Before you get into the interview room, look over the IIM Indore website. This will give you a better idea of what the campus and this program can offer you in terms of both personal and professional development.

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IPM Interview Preparation Strategy 2025

This will also assist you in formulating your questions for the interview panel.

How to Make a Good First Impression

Self-introduction, or the reason for your interest in management, is one of the first questions asked in such interviews. Make sure you’re ready for these questions because they’ll give the interviewer a good first impression.

Prepare yourself in advance

You will automatically feel confident about yourself if you prepare thoroughly for the interview. In the IPMAT, there are a few questions that are frequently asked. Go over them all and make sure you’re ready for each one.

Maintain a current knowledge base

Another crucial aspect of an interview is being informed of what is going on in your community and across the world. Make sure you’re up to date on current events.

Learn everything you can about your field

Management questions are often posed. Keep up with current events in the business world and brush up on key management fundamentals.

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Subject-specific information

IPMAT isn’t the only subject in which you have academic expertise. One of the most typical IPMAT interview questions is regarding the courses you studied in 12th grade. Prepare to speak on your favorite and least favorite topics.

Make a list of the main points you want to make

Noting down your major points or specific stories when preparing responses to inquiries can greatly assist you in crafting your response.

Prepare your documents ahead of time

The interview call letter will provide all of the papers you’ll need to bring with you to the interview. Make sure they’re all filed properly.

Attempt Mock Interviews

To receive valuable criticism and enhance your overall performance, try having a demo interview with someone you’re comfortable with. This will boost your self-assurance throughout the main interview.

Then, practice. More practice

Practice answering the most frequent IPMAT interview questions. This will help you better coordinate your mental process and respond at any time.

Politeness is essential

While sitting for an interview, it is essential to maintain good manners and observe basic etiquette. Respect the panel of interviewers.


When approaching an interview, one of the most crucial qualities to have is confidence. The energy you exude when you’re confident and sure of yourself may be felt by the interviewer. Maintain your composure at all times.

Keep it real

Don’t try to pass yourself off as someone you’re not. Answer honestly to personal questions about your hobbies, etc. In addition, the interviewer may ask you questions to which you have no answer. What counts most at these times is how you handle the issue. Be honest with the interviewer and admit that you don’t know the answer.

Keep your cool

Because of their anxiety, most prospective students are unable to show their charm at an interview. On the day of the interview, try to discover your relaxing routine and be as relaxed as possible.

Take good care of yourself

In an interview, how you dress and portray yourself is crucial. The initial impression is accurate. The way you dress and conduct yourself earns you a lot of brownie points. Dress formally and properly comb your hair.

Be conscious of your surroundings

This is a reference to current events. You should be informed of what is going on in the world around you, particularly in your area. Knowing the latest advancements in the business world and the industry may offer you an advantage over other hopefuls if you are striving for management. Relevant portions of the news and current events are also critical for other streams.


If you get the opportunity after the interview, ask the interviewer some real questions regarding IIM Rohtak, its curriculum, and courses. Make sure the inquiries you’re asking are genuine and not merely for the sake of gaining points. In every interview, being your best self and doing your best is critical. Keep in mind that the purpose of the interview is to get to know your true self and analyze the personal traits that define you. These techniques will increase your confidence and help you prepare for the IPMAT Personal Interview.

If you can cover these topics before your IPM interview, you’ll have a lot of content for both personal and knowledge-based inquiries, which can help you ace the interview.

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IPM Interview Preparation FAQs

Q: Can mobile be used to access the IPM online course?

A: You can use mobile by entering the same credentials that you got in the welcome mail to access the course that you have enrolled in.

Q: What’s in the IPM live lectures?

A: IPM live lectures are real-time classrooms that are conducted by expert faculty. You get to attend the exact classroom teaching atmosphere through online mode. You can ask questions to the teacher who is taking the class which is attended there and then otherwise they are taken care of in the so formed IPM discussion group.

Q: How much can I prepare for the IPMAT from the IPM online coaching?

A: The online coaching for IPM will prepare you in an advanced form than that your regular classes do. You will be prepared from the live/ recorded lectures, e-books, and mock tests which readies you thoroughly for IPMAT.

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