How To Prepare For SET Exam 2023

Symbiosis Entrance Test, also called SET-General, is also known as SET. Symbiosis Entrance Test (SET) BBA Exam, a university-level exam, is administered by Symbiosis International University to candidates for admission to a variety of undergraduate programs. The SET-General Exam covers degrees such as BBA, BCA, BBA (IT), B.A. (M.C), B.Sc (Economics) Hons., and Bachelor of Arts/Science (B.A/ B.Sc – Liberal Arts) Hons.

How To Prepare For SET Entrance Test 2023

It is annually that the SET BBA Exam is given. For admittance to this university, students from all around the nation wait in line. Each year, more people are applying for the SET, which has seen a significant increase. Students looked forward to taking their selected courses in SET 2023 just as much. Candidates must keep an eye out for additional information and be very vigilant.

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Conditions to meet to create the optimal study plan for SET 2023

You must create a study strategy before beginning your preparation and follow it religiously. Also, keep in mind that your study strategy should be determined by how many days are remaining till the SET entrance exam.

  • First, pay attention to your strengths and limitations and schedule your time accordingly.
  • Every subject should have a minimum of two hours in your daily routine.
  • Try to finish the subjects that are more important initially before moving on to other subjects.
  • For the subjects you find challenging, make sure to include more information.
  • Review your weak points and work on them.
  • Give yourself enough time to finish your revisions.

How Do I Get Ready for the SET Exam in 2023?

You will be evaluated in four areas on the SET exam: general English, quantitative reasoning, analytical & logical reasoning, and general awareness.

To pass the test on your first try, you need to have a firm grasp of all these topics. Additionally, you ought to have a solid knowledge of the English language.

Be familiar with the syllabus

Getting familiar with and understanding the SET Exam syllabus should be your first step. You can’t know what to study and what to skip over without having a working knowledge of the SET Syllabus. Your road is paved with precision by the SET Exam’s detailed syllabus.

Learn the exam format

To know how many questions will be asked from each segment overall, as well as how many marks each section will receive, you must be familiar with the SET Exam pattern. It will also make it clear which areas of the exam will carry more weight in the final score.

Jot down quick notes

You do not need to re-study all of the syllabus topics in detail throughout the revision period. Therefore, when preparing for the exam, you must make sure that you are taking concise notes. Every essential formula and topic from each section should be included in the notes.

Recognize your areas of weakness and work to strengthen them.

You must be aware of your flaws and strengths before you begin the preparation. Building on the strong points while concentrating on the parts that need improvement would be beneficial. Beginning with the difficult ones, move on to the simpler ones as you prepare.

You may encounter a lot of challenging questions during the preparation process, so try to find one or more approaches to address the problem. Your ability to accurately answer different kinds of questions improves by doing this.


Your speed and accuracy will increase, and your confidence will grow, as you practice the questions from the SET Previous Year Papers. Additionally, you will get a sense of the type and degree of difficulty of the exam’s questions.

Read the news every day

Read English newspapers regularly to do well in the general awareness and general English sections. Additionally, this will aid in your comprehension of the vocabulary portion.

Create practice exams together with your friends

By consistently taking the SET Mock Tests, you will learn how to solve problems and manage your time effectively. These exams will also assist in evaluating how well you have prepared for the test.

Best Books for SET Preparation 2023

These books for SET preparation are some of the ones that experts most often suggest. In your preparation, you can incorporate these books.

Quantitative Aptitude RS Agarwal
Mental Aptitude Subhkamna Publications
Logical reasoning and Data Interpretation Arun Sharma
Objective General English S.P Bakshi
Manorama Year Book Malayala Manorama Group

A six-month plan for preparing for the SET Exam in 2023

It is a wonderful idea to start your preparation six months in advance because you will have plenty of time to finish the complete curriculum. Divide the preparation into three parts, with two months between each stage.

First two Months Preparation

  • Make sure you are familiar with the English, Quantitative Aptitude, General Awareness, and Logical Reasoning exam syllabus and format.
  • Establish a two-month study schedule that includes all the necessary material for each subject, and follow it.
  • Make sure you finish reading the recommended books and researching the subjects in-depth.
  • Pick books that cover all the themes and concepts that are thoroughly presented.

3rd & 4th Month Preparation

  • Now finish up any things that still need to be studied from last month.
  • Start the initial stage of revision. Learn English slang, shortcuts for completing math problems, and reasoning logic.
  • To keep up with current events, read newspapers and watch the morning news.
  • Start by solving papers from the previous year once a week.
  • To evaluate your level of preparedness, take a mock exam series.

5th & 6th Month Preparation

  • Start the final round of revision and go through each topic once more.
  • To be perfect in each topic and notion, try to revise more and more.
  • more and more questions from last year’s exams to solve
  • Attempt the practice tests as well to determine how challenging the exam will be.

One-Month Study Plan for the SET Exam 2023

Your success is mostly dependent on how well you planned your preparation for the previous month. You must gain a thorough understanding of the test and make an effort to direct your hard work in the proper directions.

The preparation schedule you must stick to during your one-month preparation is listed below.

Topic  Preferred Time Allotment
Reading Newspaper 45 mins
Vocabulary 1-hour
Quantitative Aptitude 2-2.5 hours
Reasoning 2 hours
General Awareness 1-1.5 hours
Revision for the day and planning for the next day 1.5 hours
Solve Previous Year Papers 2-3 Weekly
Practice Mock Tests 2 Weekly

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How can I efficiently prepare for the SET Exam?

A: For efficient SET Exam preparation, stick to the guidelines listed below. Getting familiar with and understanding the SET Exam syllabus should be the first step. When preparing for the exam, be sure to be familiar with the SET Exam pattern. You will understand which exam portions receive higher weighting as a result of this. At the time you are preparing for the exam, make sure you are taking brief notes. The key to successful exam preparation is for applicants to be aware of their weaknesses and focus on them. You can increase your speed and develop confidence on test days by practising more and more questions. You have gained knowledge about the value of time in every competitive exam throughout preparing for the test or answering the questions. Examine the questions from prior years' exams to have a better understanding of the exam's difficulty level and paper trends. Every year, a few questions or topics stand out as being much harder to answer than the rest of the test questions. Additionally, each year, a few questions from last year's exams will be repeated in the exam.

Q: Is using the SET Previous Year Papers to attempt and prepare importantly?

A: Yes, you must consult the SET Past papers as they will give you the knowledge you need on test day and help you comprehend the exam format and key themes. Furthermore, when you solve old papers, your speed and accuracy will improve. In light of this, old papers are quite useful for SET preparation.

Q: Is one month enough to prepare for the SET?

A: with a month of preparation, you can pass the SET exam. You may be able to pass the exam in a month with some perseverance, clever work, and regular revisions. rigorous preparation of the entire syllabus Revisions should be done often, and the topics covered in the syllabus should be solved in SET Mock Tests and Previous Year Question Papers. To succeed in the segment, you only need to achieve these.

Q: How can I increase my accuracy on the SET exam?

A: By working through as many practise papers as you can, you can quickly increase your speed and accuracy in the SET Exam. Your time management and problem-solving abilities will increase once you practice mock tests. Therefore, it is recommended to complete practice exams every day.

Q: Is it simple to follow the suggested preparation schedule in this post?

A: Yes, the preparatory schedule has been created by our professionals and is not overly complicated or frantic. Each applicant taking the SET in 2021 can read the plan and be ready properly to ace the test with a high score.

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