How To Study General Knowledge (GK) For CLAT 2025

How To Study GK For CLAT 2025: Earlier CLAT GK used to be a basic pattern. There were 50 questions, with static general knowledge, current events, and legal GK making up most of the questions.

When CLAT first began in 2008, the papers equally emphasized static G.K. and current events. The student’s knowledge of the country’s and world’s history and current events was tested in this paper. This pattern, however, began to shift. In 2013, the G.K. paper was split in two, with half of it devoted to current events. This did not end there; the number of questions continuously increased till it reached 32-40 marks in 2016.

How To Study General Knowledge (GK) For CLAT 2025-2026

In 2017, things got even more fascinating when the whole G.K. section, except for one question, was made up of current events. While it is impossible to predict whether or not this will happen again, it does reveal a lot about how patterns are shifting and leaning toward current events.

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The CLAT paper in 2020 featured approximately 32-35 current affairs/general knowledge questions based on comprehension. There will be about 5 questions for every passage. The excerpts could be from economics, politics, law, or social issues.

The CLAT 2025 General Knowledge Syllabus covers questions based on passages about arts and culture, international affairs, historical events of enduring significance, and significant contemporary events from India and around the world. Each excerpt will be roughly 450 words long and drawn from nonfiction, news, and journalistic sources. The General Knowledge section of CLAT 2025 is quite challenging, with 35-39 questions worth one mark each.

CLAT GK Exam Pattern 2025

The CLAT 2025 syllabus includes a topic on current events and general knowledge. Candidates will be asked questions based on passages of roughly 450 words in this part.

Make a mental note of everything crucial about the CLAT 2025 current affairs curriculum provided below because it is one of the most important portions.

Tоtаl Weightаge 25%
Tyрe оf Questiоns Соmрrehensiоn-Tyрe Pаssаge-bаsed Questiоns
Ability Test Аwаreness оf Current Affаirs аnd Generаl knowledge relating to International Affairs, Arts and Culture, Historical Events of continuing significance and International Affairs
Total Marks for GK 35-39
Total Questions 35-39

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Important Topics in CLAT GK Syllabus 2025

The following are some of the topics that are likely to be asked in the CLAT 2025 General Knowledge section:

  • Journalistic Sources
  • News Articles
  • Current Developments in Indiа and the Wоrld
  • Nonfiction work
  • Nаtiоnаl & Internаtiоnаl Аffаirs
  • Sроrts
  • Contemporary Events of Significance from India and the World
  • Аwаrds & Hоnоurs
  • Sсienсe & Teсhnоlоgy
  • Аrts & Сulture
  • Summits & Соnferenсes
  • Imроrtаnt Histоriсаl Events
  • Arts & Culture
  • Historical Events of Continuing Significance
  • Legal Facts

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What Should You Do to Prepare for CLAT GK 2025?

CLAT GK is a rather cut-and-dry area; you either know the answer or don’t. If you are up to date on current events, you can easily score highly in the GK part. It is not a tough section to study for, but it will need a lot of commitment and hard work to sit and read every day. While preparing for this section, there are a few things that an applicant should keep in mind.

  • Discipline: It is the most important aspect of general knowledge preparation. Remember, the syllabus is already the size of a mountain, so you can’t skip three weeks of preparation and try to make up for it. Throughout your preparation, keep a calm and steady pace.
  • Yearbook: So the substance of all these yearbooks is the same? Good. That signifies the information is vital, and you must read it. Not only can studying a yearbook help you prepare for static gk, but it also helps you remember the important events of the previous year.
  • Newspaper: Make it a practice to read the news first thing in the morning. Read the editorial section while you’re at it. It will assist you in expanding your vocabulary as well as keeping you informed about current events. Do not read any newspaper; instead, read the good ones with good editors, such as The Statesman, Hindu, Telegraph, and others.
  • Notes: It is critical that you take notes for this part. Keep your copy and a pen available whenever you read GK and note down the relevant elements. Consider it a form of insurance for better revision and fact retention.
  • Revision: General Knowledge is a vast subject, and even if you read everything, there’s a good possibility you’ll forget it all or part of it. Both of these will result in a loss of points.
  • Don’t stifle your creativity: Because CLAT 2025 questions are based on passages, applicants must be able to deduce information from the passage in order to answer questions. Candidates are not required to have any legal knowledge beyond what is mentioned in the passage. Analytical ability, on the other hand, should be properly developed.

Analysis of the CLAT GK Previous Year Papers

The overall difficulty level of CLAT 2024 is graded as moderate. CLAT 2024 had a total of 7 passages, each with 5 questions; the total number of questions from the CLAT General Knowledge Syllabus was roughly 35. The following themes were the focus of several of the key questions:

  • Covid-19 Vaccine
  • World Water Day
  • Ramsar Sites
  • Indo-China Disengagement
  • Faith for Right Mechanism

How To Study GK For CLAT 2025 [Preparation Tips]

  • Universal truths that do not change are said to as static GK.
  • According to past trends, between 14 and 27 questions could be asked.
  • Structure and organize your approach because it is so large.
  • Study by subject or topic, and switch to another if you get tired of one; however, don’t forget about static GK.
  • Solve previous year’s question papers, practice exams, and other assessments to enhance your speed and accuracy.
  • Reduce the number of study materials you have and review your notes frequently.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: What should one read to prepare for the CLAT General Knowledge Syllabus 2025?

A: Candidates should make it a habit to read newspapers, periodicals, informative websites, and more in order to prepare for CLAT General Knowledge Syllabus 2025. Candidates should ensure that they are up to date on current events and developments around the world.

Q: Is the CLAT 2025 General Knowledge portion important?

A: There are five components of the CLAT UG, with the General Knowledge and Legal Aptitude portions accounting for half of the total weightage. As a result, along with legal aptitude, the CLAT GK portion is the most important, with approximately 35-39 questions predicted.

Q: When should I begin studying for the CLAT 2025 General Knowledge exam?

A: Candidates should make an effort to read the newspaper and keep up with current events in the best-case scenario. Candidates can prepare for CLAT 2025 General Knowledge in 5-6 months. However, they must have knowledge of current events from the previous year.

Q: How many questions will be asked based on the CLAT General Knowledge Syllabus 2025?

A: The CLAT General Knowledge Syllabus 2025 contains roughly 35-39 questions, according to on previous year's study. In CLAT 2025, this component is predicted to have a total weightage of 25%.

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