IPMAT Coaching 2024 [Rohtak & Indore]

IPMAT Coaching: IIM Indore was founded in 1996, making it the sixth management school in the Indian Institute of Management family. According to the 2019 NIRF rankings, it is India’s fifth-best management school.

IPMAT Online Coaching 2024

The IPMAT Indore, also known as the IPM Aptitude Test, is the entrance test for IIM Indore’s five-year Integrated Program in Management. This program permits students to enrol at IIM Indore after Class 12 and earn two degrees – a B.A. (Foundations of Management) and an MBA – at the end of five years. Alternatively, IPM students might choose to leave after three years and get only an undergraduate degree. In this post, I’ll walk you through the IPMAT test format and provide you with a step-by-step approach on how to pass the IPMAT 2024 exam in a month.

IPMAT Exam Pattern 2024

IIM Indore recently revised the IPM Indore exam pattern. The duration of the IPMAT Indore exam, as well as the style and scoring system components of the exam, have all been changed. The IPMAT Exam Pattern is required for admission to the IPM programs at IIM Rohtak and IIM Indore. Candidates should examine the most recent IPMAT Exam Pattern 2024 because there have been recent modifications. You’ll be able to prepare for the next exam more effectively if you have a solid understanding of the IPMAT examination pattern.

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IPM Indore Exam Pattern 2024

The IPMAT scores account for 65 per cent of the total weighting in the selection process, with the interview stage accounting for the remaining 35 per cent. The exam format for the IPM Indore is a computer-based test (Computer-Based Test or CBT).

Sections Time Duration Marks Negative Marking
Quantitative Ability (QA)

Multiple Choice Questions


30 minutes



20 -1
Verbal Ability

Multiple Choice Questions


30 minutes


30 -1
Quantitative Ability (QA)

Short Answer Questions


30 minutes


10 No Negative Marking


  • The exam time restriction has been decreased to 90 minutes for attempting the papers.
  • The bundle includes a 30-minute segment.
  • There are two steps to the selection process: aptitude testing and personal evaluation (Interview).

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IPM Rohtak Exam Pattern 2024

The IPMAT is a fully online computer-based test (Computer-Based Test or CBT).

Sections Each section’s time frame Question Count
Quantitative Ability 40 minutes 40
Logical Reasoning 40 minutes 40
Verbal Ability 40 minutes 40

Following the IPMAT  admissions exam, the Personal Interview is the next stage. Candidates will be contacted over the internet for an interview. Candidates will be quizzed on their academics, general knowledge, and personality. A personal interview is used to evaluate a candidate’s communication skills.


Why is it necessary for candidates to attend IPM Coaching 2024?

That’s quite an accomplishment! Shortlisted applicants are invited to a Written Ability Test (WAT) and Personal Interview (PI) phase after passing the IPMAT. Nirma University, in addition to IIM Indore, accepts IPMAT results for admission to its BBA-MBA integrated program. The paper will assess your quantitative and verbal abilities (through MCQs and short answer questions) (MCQs). This post is provided to assist you in correctly planning your IPMAT preparation. The IPMAT is not regarded as a particularly tough exam. Aspirants usually begin their preparation following their board exams, which take precedence.

A student may also be studying for another test, such as the JEE for engineering. This occurs because most students are unsure about which path to go for higher education. After all, they have so many alternatives. This is where you have the upper hand. If you’ve determined that IPM is the career path for you, don’t wait any longer to get started! The best time to begin is 10 to 12 months before the test.

This will give you enough time to move slowly and steadily with little or no pressure. Your board test will take place in January and February. As a result, your IPMAT preparation will be cut short by two to three months due to your boards. This will be tolerable because you will have a significant advantage over other exam takers. Reading comprehension, para jumbles, vocabulary, and logical paragraph completion will all be part of the verbal component. It’s worth mentioning that you’ll benefit from a diverse reading habit in all of these situations. Early in life, you must establish the habit of reading newspapers and literature. This will not only assist you in passing your test and developing a strong vocabulary, but it will also help you grow as a person.

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The quantitative ability, on the other hand, maybe mastered with consistent effort. As a result, we recommend that you begin studying for the IPMAT as early as 10 to 12 months before the exam, be consistent, and concentrate on your preparation. You could start later, but it would put you under undue stress. It’s also worth noting that developing a sufficient number of mock exams is critical. The simulated exams will help you learn your strengths and shortcomings by simulating the real examination.

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How IPMAT online coaching can assist you in passing the IPM Exam?

Unfortunately, some individuals believe that tutoring is not required to pass the IPMAT and that anyone may pass the exam without it. They mistake coaching for motivational sessions that give a brief boost of confidence, believing it is unneeded or frivolous.

One thing that all of these folks have in common is that they all chose to coach to help them pass the admission exam (or their parents forced them to. because they had a negative experience at their institute, which has led them to believe this.

While everyone can break the entrance on their own, enrolling in the RIGHT coaching may significantly improve your performance and give you an advantage. And, since even a little advantage might alter the ultimate result, I believe it is well worth the cost.

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The Advantages of IPMAT Online Coaching 2024

Traditional coaching is still recommended for the IPMAT, but when the benefits of IPM online coaching are examined, it proves to be more sophisticated and is now widely recognized owing to its accessibility and efficacy. The online coaching for IPM has been created by professionals to assist applicants in passing the IPMAT and gaining admission to their preferred IIM for the five-year MBA program.

More cost-effective and less time-consuming: You will not waste any time or money travelling to your coaching centre if you choose online IPM training. You may stay at home and access the whole IPM coaching from any device with adequate internet connectivity, such as a laptop or mobile phone.

More money saved and more knowledge gained: When compared to the money that you will have to deposit as course fees, online IPM coaching will cost you less. You can’t even revise the material if you don’t understand it in a classroom setting, but with the online IPM coaching program, you can see it as many times as you like.

You can learn whenever you want: You may wish to learn or revisit certain concepts around 11 p.m. because you will have access to IPM online tutoring. You are unable to attend the coaching centre at this time. As a result, if you have the online coaching for the IPM program with you, you can study any topic you choose at any time that is convenient for you.

Learn from one and all: You are enrolled in discussion groups with IPM online coaching to get your questions answered whenever you doubt any topic. Expert academic members will be there, and even your study group members will debate it with you.

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IPM Coaching FAQs

Q: How much can I prepare for the IPMAT from the IPM online coaching?

A: The online coaching for IPM will prepare you in an advanced form than that your regular classes do. You will be prepared from the live/ recorded lectures, e-books, and mock tests which readies you thoroughly for IPMAT.

Q: What do I do if I miss the IPM live lecture?

A: In case if you miss the IPM live lecture you can access it later as it will be there on the student’s course page after two days of getting recorded. However, in the recorded lectures you cannot ask questions.

Q: Is the payment secure that I made for IPMAT online coaching?

A: It is secured. We don't store any of your sensitive data such as your CVV and OTP’s. The payments gateways are the trusted ones which are GooglePay, PayTM and PayU.

Q: Can mobile be used to access the IPM online course?

A: You can use mobile by entering the same credentials that you got in the welcome mail to access the course that you have enrolled in.

Q: What’s in the IPM live lectures?

A: IPM live lectures are real-time classrooms that are conducted by expert faculty. You get to attend the exact classroom teaching atmosphere through online mode. You can ask questions to the teacher who is taking the class which is attended there and then otherwise they are taken care of in the so formed IPM discussion group.

Q: Which is the best online coaching for IPM Indore?

A: TopRankers is one of the best online coaching for IPM Indore.

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