Jharkhand Judiciary Exam Cut Off 2023

Every year, the Jharkhand High Court administers the Jharkhand Judicial Service Exam to select deserving candidates for Jharkhand Civil Judge Junior Division positions. To be qualified for the position, a candidate must pass each of the three phases of the competitive exam. The JPSC Civil Judge Cut-Off will be posted online following each stage of the hiring process by the Jharkhand Public Service Commission (JPSC). The JPSC Civil Judge Cut-Off List will be made available for download along with the results of each stage.

The applicant must get the Jharkhand Judiciary exam Cutoff Marks for the Preliminary, Main, and Total Post-Interview Marking to pass the Jharkhand Judiciary Exam.

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How to check the Jharkhand Judiciary Cut-Off 2023?

Following each stage of the hiring process, JPSC will announce the JPSC Civil Judge cut-off. A preliminary exam, a primary exam, and a personal interview make up the three steps of the hiring process. To pass each stage and advance to the next, candidates must get the necessary cut marks. On the website of the Jharkhand Public Service Commission, the cut-off list will also be made public along with the candidates’ results.

Step 1: Go to the JPSC’s official website and click the link that says “JPSC Civil Judge Cut Off.”

Step 2: Click the link in step two. Your screen will show the PDF for the JPSC Civil Judge Cut-Off.

Step 3: View your results in the pdf and the cut-off in step three.

Step 4: The Cut Off pdf should be downloaded in step 4 and printed out for future use.


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Factors Affecting Jharkhand Judiciary Exam Cut-Off 2023

The Jharkhand Judiciary Exam Cut-Off is influenced by a wide range of variables, which causes annual variations in the cut-off scores. A few of the elements are:

  • The number of open positions: If more openings are made available, the cutoff will drop.
  • The number of applicants: If many people apply for the position, the cutoff will rise.
  • The highest score attained: Due to an increase in the performance average, the candidate’s highest score will also raise the cutoff marks.
  • The difficulty of the paper: If the paper is challenging, the cut-off will drop, and the opposite will also be true.
  • Candidate categories: Every year, the cut-off for reserved and unreserved candidates varies, and the cut-off for JPSC Civil Judge candidates is also influenced by the candidates running in those particular categories.

Therefore, the candidates must keep in mind that all of the above-mentioned factors will be examined by the officials. Additionally, those applicants who pass the written exam will move on to the next stages of the hiring process.

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Minimum Qualifying Marks for Jharkhand Judiciary Exam 2023

The threshold score is what determines whether a candidate has advanced or failed a particular stage. For various categories, different marks are required to qualify. The minimum scores for the preliminary and main exams have not yet been disclosed by the commission. However, the minimum qualifying marks for the interview round have been listed in the official recruitment notice and are as follows:

  • 25% for general category candidates
  • 20% for SC/ST/BC/EBC category candidates

How is the Jharkhand Judiciary Exam Cutoff calculated?

The method used to determine the cutoff is not explained in great detail. However, a few things have a major impact on the cut-off, including:

  • Number of openings
  • The exam’s level of difficulty
  • number of candidates who took the test
  • Students’ performance was average.

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Jharkhand Judiciary Exam Result 2023

Results for the Jharkhand Judiciary will be made public on the official website. First, the candidate will have the results of the preliminary exam. Then, the Mains exam will be held, and the results for the Mains will be made public on the Jharkhand official website. The outcome will be announced following the conclusion of the interview process. Therefore, the candidates should stay current on information and frequently check the website for up-to-date information.

Jharkhand Judiciary Exam Cut Off (FAQs):

Q: I want to download the Jharkhand Judicial Services Examination Cut-Off?

A: Candidates are encouraged to download the Jharkhand Judicial Services Examination cut-off from the official website itself rather than a third-party website since the cut-off list on other websites might not be reliable.

Q: What are the determining factors for the Jharkhand Judicial Services Examination exam cut-off scores in 2021?

A: The Jharkhand Judicial Services Examination cut-off is based on several variables, including the difficulty level of the exam, the total number of applicants, the total number of openings, the cut-off from the previous year, and other variables that affect cut-offs.

Q: Who holds a superior position, an IAS officer or a Judge?

A: In comparison to an IAS, a judge unquestionably has much more authority. The National Judicial Pay Commission sets judges' salaries, which are not subject to the 7th Pay Commission and are significantly higher than those of the IAS. The Supreme Court has said that the judiciary and IAS cannot be compared in a decision from 1992. But other factors should influence your professional path as well, not just authority or salary scale. When choosing a career, you must also consider which will bring you the most satisfaction.

Q: In the Jharkhand High Court District Judge Recruitment exam's preliminary round will there be negative markings?

A:In the preliminary exam for the district judge position at the Jharkhand High Court, there is a negative marking policy of one mark for each incorrect response.

Q: What level of experience is necessary for the Jharkhand High Court District Judge Recruitment?

A:To be eligible to apply for the Jharkhand High Court District Judge exam, candidates must have at least seven years of experience as active attorneys.

Q: What is the Jharkhand Judiciary Exam application fee?

A: The application fee is Rs. 600 for students in the general category and Rs. 150 for those in the reserved category.

Q: To prepare for the Jharkhand Judiciary Exam, which books are the most effective?

A: While preparing for the Jharkhand Judiciary Service Examination, you can take into account a variety of books and study materials. You may also consult some specific books that will help you pass the Jharkhand Judiciary Service Examination in addition to the required bare-act books. Bihar & Jharkhand Judicial Services by Singhal and Bihar & Jharkhand Judicial Services by Showick Thorpe are a couple of the books you can look to for guidance.

Q: Who administers the Jharkhand Judicial Services Examination?

A: The Jharkhand Judicial Services Exam is administered by the Jharkhand High Court. .

Q: How much of a score must you receive to be eligible for the interview in Jharkhand Judicial Services Exam

A: Applicants for the general category must achieve more than a 25% interview score, while candidates for the SC/ST/BC/EBC category must achieve more than a 20% interview score, as per the Jharkhand Judicial Services Exam Cut-Off.

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