PCS Judiciary Coaching in Ludhiana [Top 5 Institutes]

Ludhiana has produced a number of critical judicial members, including eminent lawyers and respected magistrates. It also provides several options for law students. If you want to practice with successful barristers in order to pass judicial exams such as the PCS(J), Ludhiana is the place to be. Some of the most well-known and acclaimed PCS(J) coaching schools in Ludhiana are attracting swarms of law students. Now, let’s go over the 5 best PCS Judiciary Coaching in Ludhiana.

5 Best PCS Judiciary Coaching in Ludhiana, Punjab

1. Judiciary Gold By Toprankers

Your career preparation must be enhanced with enriching notions and philosophies. This is achievable if you collaborate with the greatest coaching institutes like Judiciary Gold by Toprankers. They are expanding their efficient, studious technique throughout India by establishing branches in all states. They are also launching the top Judicial Coaching Courses in Ludhiana.

Their features and future ways will inspire you to improve your legal elements with tremendous ambition. The Judiciary Gold program includes a variety of enrichment sessions for those looking to advance their careers in the legal area. You will be able to know your competency level with many hopefuls from a Judicial background through the Judiciary Gold team.

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Contact Details:

Email: support@toprankers.com

Phone: 7676564400

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Course Highlights

  • Complete course coverage of 20+ subjects
  • 24+ JSMs and 1000+ Practice questions
  • judgement writing sessions
  • State Specific test series
  • Personalized mentorship Program
  • Exclusive access to live and recorded classes
  • Interview Preparation sessions

2. Rajindera Law Academy

Rajindera Law Academy is a well-established competitive examination guidance organization in Ludhiana. Rajindera Law Academy was founded to provide students with best-in-class education, coaching, and assistance. They ensure you get the most out of your investment, and a consistent and ideal faculty staff will assist you. The Rajindera Law Academy faculty provides intensive coaching on syllabus subjects, with a focus on the development of leadership, ethics, and social responsiveness.

Contact Details and Address

Address: 392D, D-Block, Atam Nagar, Model Town, Ext, Punjab 141002

Contact Number: 098773 56659

3. Kaushal Law Academy

In Ludhiana, Kaushal Law Academy is one of India’s premier and fastest-growing civil services exam coaching institutes. They provide advanced classroom courses as well as distance learning for civil service tests. They want to bring out the best in you by establishing an environment that allows you to better your capacity to master the complexities of the exam.

Contact Details and Address

Address: Opp. Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Kundan Puri, Civil Lines, Ludhiana, Punjab 141001

Contact Number: 085680 72002

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4. Chawla Tutorials

Chawla Tutorials’ aim is to inspire students to become enthusiastic learners and responsible citizens who work hard to improve themselves and their community. The kids will accomplish great success both academically and in the real world. Chawla Tutorials is committed to aiming, inspiring, and supporting students to reach their best potential and make a positive difference in the world through a visionary banking career and various government employment.

Contact Details and Address

Address: Upkar Nagar, St. No.-1, S. No. 103, H. No.-662/1, Civil Lines, Ludhiana, Punjab 141001

Contact Number: 098153 74498

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5. Sunny Coaching Classes

Sunny Coaching Courses is a well-known coaching institute in Ludhiana. They have expert tutors for certain courses. The center maintains discipline and regularity while attempting to increase pupil attentiveness. It is a good choice for various government service exams and others. They supply notes and hold mock tests on a regular basis. They closely adhere to the curriculum, and their teachers are courteous and friendly.

Contact Details

Address: 614/67, Street Number 1, Sham Nagar, Jawaharnagar, Ludhiana, Punjab – 141002

Phone: 8566833393

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Best Judiciary Coaching In Ludhiana (Punjab) FAQs

Q) What is the minimum percentage required to appear for the Judiciary exam?

A)There is no minimum percentage requirement, and anyone who has completed a law degree from a recognized university is eligible to take the exam.

Q) Will I get any crash courses online for judiciary exams?

A) Candidates can get online coaching from Judiciary Gold by Toprankers where candidates can choose from a variety of classes and enroll for the same.

Q) Can I clear the exam with self-study?

A) It is dependent on the individual's abilities. A lot of pupils have passed the exam without taking any classes. However, in order to score higher, understand the concepts, answer the questions correctly, and so on, it is preferable to have a proper guiding system, which the judiciary classes can provide.

Q) Are judiciary classes worth getting a high score?

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