SuperGrads Grand Learning Festival 2023 by Toprankers

SuperGrads By Toprankers is an online learning platform that specializes in Providing coaching for different management exams and India’s biggest undergraduate and postgraduate exam CUET. The platform provides high-quality study materials, mock tests, and guidance to students who wish to pursue careers in management, and humanities. SuperGrads caters to students preparing for exams such as IPMAT, CUET, JIPMAT, NPAT, and other university-level exams like christ university, st. Xavier, Symbiosis Entrance test, etc.

What is Toprankers SuperGrads Grand Learning Festival?

SuperGrads Grand Learning Festival is a part of Toprankers The Grand Learning Festival(TGLF) and will be organized in the month of April, offering a range of activities and discounts to Management and CUET aspirants. The festival aims to provide an opportunity for students to enhance their learning experience and improve their chances of success in the different entrance exams.

Start Date: 13th April 2023

End Date: 17th April 2023

Discount: Upto 30%

Platform: Toprankers Website and Social Media

Registration Link:

Advantages of Super Grads Grand Learning Festival:

SuperGrads Learning Festival offers various discounts on their top courses and test series for students preparing for various management and CUET exam. The platform provides a 30% discount on its courses, making it an excellent opportunity for students to enrol in their desired courses at affordable rates.

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The SuperGrads Grand Learning Festival provides various advantages to management and CUET  aspirants, including:

  1. High-quality Study Materials: SuperGrads provides high-quality study materials that cover all the topics related to various management entrance exams. The materials are designed by experienced faculties, and the content is updated regularly to keep students updated with the latest developments.
  2. Mock Tests: Super Grads provides mock tests that help students assess their preparation and identify their strengths and weaknesses. The platform provides a range of mock tests, including full-length tests, sectional tests, and topic-wise tests, to help students improve their performance in the different management entrance exams and CUET.
  3. Expert Guidance: Super Grads provides expert guidance to students through its experienced faculties. The faculties are available to students throughout the day, and students can interact with them and clear their doubts and queries.cuet grand learning festival
  4. Interactive Webinars: The platform conducts regular webinars and topper interviews that cover various topics related to different exams supported by SuperGrads. These webinars provide students with an opportunity to interact with experts in the field and gain insights into exam patterns and preparation strategies.
  5. Flexibility: SuperGrads provides flexible learning options, allowing students to learn at their own pace and convenience. The platform provides 24/7 access to study materials and other learning resources, enabling students to study anytime, anywhere.


The SuperGrads Grand Learning Festival is an excellent opportunity for CUET and management aspirants to enhance their learning experience and improve their chances of success in the entrance exams. The festival offers various discounts on its top courses and test series, making it an affordable option for students to enrol in their desired courses.

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