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The candidates who are willing to opt for diploma courses in Gujarat should write The Admission Committee for Professional Diploma Courses (ACPDC) exam. The ACPDC is responsible for conducting Gujarat Diploma Admission 2023 in various fields like Civil, Mechanical, Computer Science, Electronics & Communication and many others. To apply for the admissions, the candidate can visit the official site for ACPDC login.

ACPDC Log In Process 2024

The candidates who have completed their 10th grade can attempt for the Gujarat Diploma Admissions 2023. Based on the marks obtained in SSC examination or the candidate’s performance in TEB or ITI, the exam authorities will categorize the candidates into the merit list or any other category suitable for them.To apply for the Gujarat Diploma Admissions 2023, the candidate should fill the application form available on the official website.

[ACPDC Application Form 2024 – Register Now]

What is the ACPDC login process?

The candidates who have filled the registration form can log in through the official website of Gujarath Diploma Admissions. Follow the below steps to login:

Step 1: Visit the official site of

Step 2: The ACPDC login page appears which looks similar to the one below. It has two sections, one for new registrations and the other for registered users. The new users should go through the entire process of admission for Gujarath Diploma Admissions.


Step 3: Once the login pages appear, the registered candidate should fill the course they want to opt for. The candidates will have course options like

  • First-year Diploma after SSC
  • First-year Diploma after TEB
  • First-year Diploma after ITI
  • Second-year Diploma after TEB
  • Second-year Diploma after ITI

Step 4: After choosing a course, the candidate should enter their User ID, password, & 14 digit Pin number which they entered during the registration.

Step 5: Finally enter the verification code displayed on the screen to complete the ACPDC login process.

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ACPDC Log In – New Registration Process

The candidates who are applying for the first time should follow the below process:

Step 1: Visit the official site

Step 2: The new users can choose a course they wish to apply for. The candidates can select from the courses listed below:

  • First-year Diploma after SSC
  • First-year Diploma after TEB
  • First-year Diploma after ITI
  • Second-year Diploma after TEB
  • Second-year Diploma after ITI

Step 3: Then click on “Apply for New Registration”.

Step 4: After the candidate enters the login page, they should enter all the necessary details asked in the application form.

Step 5: Once the details are filled, the candidate should attach the required documents to the form.

Step 6: Pay the fees and submit the application form.

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Q). What if the candidate does not remember the password to login?

A). If the candidate does not remember the password, then he/she should click on “forgot password”. After clicking a forgot password page appears, where the candidate should fill all the necessary details like their User ID, Name, 14-digit number, DOB, captcha (Green number) to submit the form where the new password is generated.

Q). Should the name while resetting the password be the same as in SSC Marks sheet?

A). Yes, it should be as per the SSC Mark sheet.

Q). What is the 14 digit PIN number?

A). The 14 digit number that the candidate should enter while resetting the password is found on the ACPDC booklet purchased from the ICICI bank branch.

Q). Is there a format to enter the DOB?

A). Yes, the candidate should enter the DOB is the DD/MM/YYYY format.

Q). What is the Green Number?

A). The verification code available in green colour beside the box is the Green number. In other words, it is the captcha that the candidates should enter while ACPDC login.

Q). Which are the course options that the candidate can select during the ACPDC login?

A). The candidate can select from the option given below: First-year Diploma after SSC, First-year Diploma after TEB, First-year Diploma after ITI, Second-year Diploma after TEB, Second-year Diploma after ITI

Q). What if the candidate wants to edit the locked choices?

A). Yes, the candidate can edit or add the choices that are locked during the application process.

Q). Can the candidate edit the details after the application is submitted?

A). No, once the application is submitted, the candidate cannot edit the details entered.

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