IPMAT Indore Syllabus 2025 Subject-Wise

Students eyeing to get into IIM Indore must attend the IPMAT Indore exam after-12th which will be conducted every year. IPMAT is an Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test conducted nationally for admission to a 5-year Integrated Program in Management. To get into the campus of IIM, Indore students need to have complete knowledge about the IPMAT Indore exam 2025, be it the IPMAT Indore Syllabus, IPMAT exam pattern, and any other updates of the IPMAT Indore exam.

This article will run you through everything regarding IPMAT Indore, covering the IPMAT Indore syllabus, IPMAT exam pattern, eligibility criteria, IPMAT previous year’s question paper, and IPMAT subjects.

IPMAT Indore Syllabus 2025

Being known as a challenging entrance exam among other IPMAT exams, the Syllabus of IPMAT Indore stands apart for its exam pattern and classifications.

IPMAT Indore is the only entrance exam that covers Higher Mathematics i.e. from classes 11 & 12. Also comes with a sectional cut-off, wherein students must clear the cut-off of each section and must gain a minimum score in total. The student who clears all the cut-offs is shortlisted for the IPMAT Personal Interview round.

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The extensive syllabus of the IPMAT exam requires the students to gear up their preparation with the best coaching and a clear understanding of the complete IPMAT Indore syllabus.

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The comprehensive syllabus of IPMAT Indore covers three sections. Namely

  1. Quantitative Ability in Multiple Choice Question Pattern
  2. Quantitative Ability in Short Answers Pattern
  3. Verbal Ability

Read on to delve into each section and get complete details of section-wise IPMAT Indore syllabus.

IPMAT Indore Syllabus 2025 For Quantitative Ability section

The quantitative ability section mostly consists of 30 questions for the MCQ pattern and 15 questions in the Short answers section. This particular section is set to evaluate students’ mathematics learnings from Class 12th as well as some math topics from Classes 6-10th.

Scroll down to learn more about the quantitative ability section of the IIM IPMAT syllabus 2025.

IPMAT Mathematics Syllabus 2025

  1. Number system: This topic covers a variety of mathematical concepts, such as remainder, HCF, and LCM; properties of a number; factorial; finding the unit digit; surds and indices; successive division; divisibility; simplification; and the concept of factor.
  2. Algebra: This topic includes algebraic formulas, linear equations, inequality, quadratic equations, and logic.
  3. Geometry: This topic includes all the basic geometry concepts, such as angles, lines, triangles, quadrilaterals, circle polygons, coordinate geometry, mensuration, and height & distance.
  4. Arithmetic Problems: This topic covers vast concepts, namely Time and work, Average, Problems on Age, Percentage, Partnership, Profit Loss & discount, Ratio & proportion, Simple and compound Interest, Mixture & allegations, Time, Speed & distance, and Boats & Streams.
  5. Modern Maths: Every topic that comes under modern maths is covered under this section, such as Set theory, Probability, Permutation & combination, Determinants, Vectors, Data Interpretation, Sequence and series, Integration and differentiation, and Determinants.

Weightage of each topic in IPMAT Indore Syllabus Quantitative Ability (MCQ)

  • Number System – 2 marks
  • Arithmetic – 5-6 marks
  • Algebra – 2 marks
  • Geometry & Mensuration – 2 or 3 marks
  • Permutation Combination and Probability – 3-4 marks
  • Set Theory – 2-3 marks
  • Data Interpretation – 5 marks in one set
  • Logarithm – 2 marks

IPMAT Indore Syllabus for Quantitative Ability Short Answers section & weightage for each topic

  • Sequences & Series (AP, GP) – 2 marks
  • Algebra – 2 marks
  • Time, Speed, Distance – 1 mark
  • Trigonometry – 1 mark
  • Geometry – 1 mark
  • Logarithms – 2 marks
  • Averages – 1 mark
  • Matrices and Determinant -1 mark
  • Percentages – 2 marks
  • Probability & Venn Diagram- 2 marks

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IPMAT Indore Syllabus 2025 For Verbal Ability

Students can prepare for the IPMAT Verbal Ability section by learning new words daily, along with their meanings and instances of use. Let’s examine the IPMAT Indore syllabus to understand what topics are covered.

  1. Vocabulary: This topic covers synonyms, antonyms, spelling errors, idioms and phrases, one-word substitutions, odd ones out, foreign words, and word usage.
  2. Grammar: This topic covers a wide range of concepts that includes Noun, Pronoun, Prepositions, Verb, Adverb, Conjunctions, Direct and indirect Speech, Figures of Speech, Phrasal Verbs, Tenses, Etymology and roots, Articles, Active Voice, Passive Voice, Deductive Reasoning, and Subject-Verb Agreement.
  3. Verbal Ability: The concepts under this topic are error spotting, fill-in-the-blanks, sentence completion, para jumbles, sentence improvement, and analogies.
  4. Reading Comprehension: This topic covers synonyms & antonyms, inference-based, and assumption-based questions.

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Weightage of Verbal Ability section in IPMAT 2025

To ensure your preparation for the IPMAT 2025 exam is going great, students must analyze the important topics from each subject and the weightage of each section. Thus, help yourself concentrate with better knowledge about your strengths and weaknesses in every section. The tabulated list below will give the weightage list of the IPMAT quantitative Ability (SA) section.

  • Reading Comprehension – 12 marks
  • Fill in the Blanks – 7 marks
  • Sentence Completion – 4 marks
  • Para Jumbles – 5 marks
  • Sentence correction – 5 marks
  • Para Completion – 6 marks
  • Incorrect Usage of work – 6 marks

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Marking Scheme of IPMAT Indore 2025

  • The IPMAT Exam grants 4 marks for every right answer.
  • IPMAT also has a negative marking scheme wherein 1 mark is deducted for one incorrect answer in the Quantitative Ability section in the MCQ pattern.
  • There will be no mark deduction for the questions that are left unattempted.
  • Attending the question paper in the pre-set order is mandated, and one cannot move to another section without finishing the first section.

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IPMAT Preparation as per IPMAT Syllabus 2025

By now, students are aware of the IPMAT Indore Syllabus 2025 and exam pattern for the 5-year Integrated Management program. Let’s dig in what’s the best way to prepare for the IPMAT exam 2025 with all the tips and tricks.

  • Quantitative ability demands more time from students to ace the section as this is one of the toughest sections in the IPMAT question paper. A deep understanding of the basic concepts will help you have a good grip on the subject and ease the section.
  • Keep yourself updated by reading the newspaper every day and improving your knowledge of current affairs and reading skills.
  • Practice is the key to taking the IPMAT exam; students must solve as many of the previous year’s IPMAT question papers as possible to enhance their performance.
  • Prepare a study plan, maintain a timetable for study, and be devoted to preparing yourself the best to succeed in the exam.


Access to the latest IPMAT Indore Syllabus will aid the students in kick-starting their preparation with a strategic approach. With a syllabus and exam pattern, students can solidify their first leg of preparation by having a deeper understanding of every concept and finding time to make a timetable to follow across their IPMAT journey. Hope this article helped you in understanding the IPMAT indore syllabus and exam pattern. Happy studying!

IPMAT Indore Syllabus FAQs

What is the tentative date of IPMAT 2025?

The IPMAT 2025 will be conducted anytime in the month of June 2025 tentatively.

What is the difficulty level of IPMAT 2025?

The IPMAT exam demands good preparation and dedication from the Management aspirants to crack the exam.

What are the sections included in IPMAT?

The IPMAT exam syllabus covers 3 sections namely; Quantitative Ability MCQ & Short Answers, and Verbal Ability.

Will the IPMAT syllabus change every year?

To date, the IPMAT syllabus for IIM Indore remained the same every year.


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