CLAT Preparation Strategy & Tips 2025

In this article, aspirants will get to know the complete preparation strategy for the CLAT 2025. The student who is preparing for the LAW should know the ideal time to start the preparation, which topic is weak or strong, reference books related to the exam, and various information related to the exam, which helps CLAT aspirants to crack the exam. Check out the complete article for CLAT Preparation Tips and Tricks.

CLAT Preparation Strategy 2025

  • The candidates who still want to apply for the CLAT 2025, need to wait for official notification.
  • The exam will be held offline with 200 questions, which carry one mark each. Candidates have a limited time of 120 minutes (2 Hours) to complete the exam.
  • Questions will be asked in the pattern of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ). The applicant has to choose one correct answer and mark it in the answer sheet.
  • There will be a negative marking of 0.25 (1/4) marks (one fourth) for each wrong answer marked.
  • CLAT Online Exam will be conducted SD-CBT (Social Distancing Computer-Based Testing) mode.

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How to Prepare for CLAT 2025

Go through the following points to know- “How to Prepare for CLAT?” which are given by examiner experts and students who cleared the exam-

Start Preparation At Earliest

The main question is, “how long does it take to prepare for clat?” Candidates who want to sit in the CLAT Exam should start preparing for the exam after completing the 11th Grade. It helps to complete the basics of the exam early and going on to take mock tests and doing practice with the test papers. Start Preparing at earliest will also help make the knowledge of each subject in-depth by covering most of the topics.

Preparation Strategy

For clearing the CLAT Exam 2025 , it is crucial to make the proper strategy that helps to focus more on the significant portions that can lead to their goals of cracking the exam. The preparation differs from the other candidates who are also preparing for the law exam.

Some students prefer to study at night and in the morning, so prepare for the exam based on comfortable time suits. It is suggested to the candidates who applied for CLAT 2025, that try not to change the strategy and concentrate on the strong topics, don’t think about the uncovered topics.

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Clarity of Exam Pattern and Syllabus

Candidates who are preparing for the CLAt should know the clarity about the CLAT Exam Pattern and Syllabus for both UG and PG courses. It will become easy while preparing for the exam with the help of the complete CLAT Syllabus and get to know how much they have to study for the CLAT exam.

With the Exam Pattern’s help, candidates will get to know about the number of questions asked from each section. It will be more helpful for the law aspirants, and they can plan their strategy accordingly.

Doubt Clearance and Regular Revision

Clearing all the doubts is one of the significant factors to crack the exam. A small doubt creates confusion that may lead candidates to choose an incorrect option for which candidates have to pay a penalty of 0.25 marks for a wrong answer. Candidates are suggested to do regular revision for the subject, which helps to memorize the facts and figures accurately, and revised things will remain intact for a long time.

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Previous Year’s Paper Analysis and Online Mock Test Series

Aspirants who are preparing for the law exam should also analyze the previous year’s question paper that helps to know the types of questions asked in the exam. Also, candidates will get an idea of exam patterns as well as what are common questions asked from which section, how many questions are coming from the subject of the syllabus, etc.

After going through the previous year question paper, the next step is to go forward with the online mock test series. Various institutes provide mock test series for the candidates who are preparing for the law exam. It is the best way to practice for the exam. It also helps in self-observation. So, candidates will get to know about their weak areas, making it stronger comparatively.

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Time Management

It is essential to set time management when one starts preparing for the CLAT exam as it is a Nation-Level Exam. As per the exam pattern, 200 questions will be attempted in the time limit of 120 minutes (2 Hours).

For managing the time, candidates have to revise the syllabus regularly, do practice with the help of mock tests continuously, etc.

Know Weakness and Strength

While doing the practice, aspirants realize which area is weak and strong. Analyze the weak area, and start practising to understand it better with extra efforts, strengthen the capability, do more practice of that particular subject or topic, clear the doubts and try to improve it.

For the subject or topic, which candidate has good command over will not be avoidable candidates should continue to practice on that as well.

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Topic-Wise CLAT Preparation 2025

In the following points, candidates will get to know how to do topic-wise CLAT exam preparation. There are five subjects on which the complete question paper will be: English Language, Currents Affairs & GK, Legal Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, and Quantitative Techniques.

How to Prepare for the English Language for CLAT

Candidates can easily score marks from the English Language section of the CLAT exam. The questions are the level of the 12th standard. The passage will come on topics like- technical, scientific topics, historical events of consequence, or topics related to current affairs.

How to Approach CLAT Questions?

  • Usually, most of the passages have statements or arguments that counter the main point mentioned in the passage. With the help of this, one can quickly solve the questions asked.
  • Remember, answers are based 5Ws, those are- Who, What, Why, When, and Where.
  • Try to understand the wordings of the questions; the question is easy to understand but framed in a sophisticated manner to confuse the candidate.
  • Vocabulary comes in two forms- firstly, they comprehensively asked the vocab, and secondly, the vocab will be asked with the questions of passage. To understand the vocab that comes with the passage, candidates have to read one or two lines before and after the given word or phrase.

Preparation Strategy for the English Language

  • Candidates should read the newspaper daily, as passage may come from the current affair as well.
  • Reading the newspaper will also help to understand the statements and arguments set in the passage.
  • Try to do a discussion with your parents or companions. This is an artistic way of engaging and learning.
  • Practice grammar from the books/ notes of the standard onwards. Also, note the difficult word and its meaning to use it while studying.
  • Solve practise papers and mock test series regularly.

Best Book for CLAT Preparation of the English Language

  • Word Power Made Easy New Revised & Expanded Edition- Norman Lewis
  • Objective General English- R.S. Aggarwal

How to Prepare Legal Reasoning for CLAT?

In the part of Legal Reasoning, the questions will come in the form of passages of approx words based on the facts, situation, and scenarios related to the public policy, legal matters, or moral philosophical inquiries. Although it is not compulsory to know the law, the information related to the general awareness of contemporary legal or ethical issues is enough.

How to Approach Questions Related to Legal Reasoning?

  • The questions will be framed based on the news articles and books of law from which specific passages will be created.
  • Break down the principle into smaller parts by keeping in mind the words “AND” and “OR.” Because this year, candidates have to find the law and facts from the passage. There will be no factual information.
  • From the question, the selection portal is checking the practical understanding of implying laws from the candidates based on the given situation with constraints.

Preparation Strategy for Legal Reasoning

  • Candidates are suggested to practice with the previous year question paper, the format of questions has been changed but not the basic understanding of the problems.
  • The three sections- English Language, Legal Reasoning, and Logical Reasoning have come under the same line, which means the same strategy will work with the other two sections. The only thing is candidates have to give more cults for the Legal Matters.
  • While filling the application form, on the page of payment, candidates will get the option to purchase the previous year’s question paper. Candidates can prepare by buying the sample paper online, which helps them understand the pattern of the questions paper and the level of the exam.

Best Book for CLAT Preparation of Legal Reasoning

  • Legal Awareness and Legal Reasoning: For the CLAT and LL.B. Entrance Examinations- A.P. Bhardwaj

How to Prepare Current Affairs and General Knowledge for CLAT 2025?

In the section of currents affairs, based on the topics of any current news or journalistic sources, the passage can be asked of approx 450 words. Instead of knowing mere facts, try to understand the problem in-depth about the issue or any events of significance.

Types of questions asked for this section-

  1. Fill in the blanks with the missing information
  2. Identification of the consequences and causes of the events based on the passage given.
  3. With the help of a given passage, give answers about personalities and events associated.
  4. Answer the awards, events, famous personality, etc. mentioned in the passage linked with a person.

How to Deal with Questions Related to Currents Affairs and GK?

  • Read the passage carefully. Sometimes the topic may vary. Try to find the hidden clue from the passage that helps to answer the question quickly.
  • The explanation of a particular statement of the passage can be asked instead of vocabulary.
  • The main point of CLAT 2025 is to check the reading abilities of the candidate. Thus, understand the passage carefully and try to decode it quickly.

Preparation Strategy for Current Affairs and GK

  • Read the daily newspaper regularly, make a habit of reading magazines, especially the editorial section.
  • Try to read journals and periodicals available online, followed by specific research writings and blogs of known personalities.
  • Make a habit of discussing issues with the companions and parents, and sometimes with the discussion, the candidates will get to know about any uncovered topic.

The Best Book for CLAT Preparation for Current Affairs and General Knowledge

  • Manorama Yearbook 2025 (English)
  • Lucent’s General Knowledge

How To Prepare Logical Reasoning for CLAT

There will be a short passage of approx 300 words each will be asked. The topics of the passages will be taken from the editorial articles from newspapers, magazines, essays on moral philosophy accessible online or from various books.

How to Deal with the Questions of Logical Reasoning

  • Try to carefully identify the premises and conclusions given in the passage and the overall theme of the passage.
  • Distinguish and make a separate set of arguments from the passage as some are supportive, and some will contradict each other.
  • Some of the questions are assumption-based questions, where candidates have to assume the situation to be true, even when it is false. For this type of understanding, follow the instructions given with the question to answer correctly.

Preparation Strategy for Logical Reasoning

  • The preparation for Logical Reasoning is the same as, Legal Reasoning and English Language. This way, the candidate can prepare for all three sections synchronically.
  • This year, the questions from syllogisms and logic games will get included. Don’t skip to do the practice of the previous year question paper.
  • Try to attempt the model question paper provided by the Consortium first, then go with the other online mock test series or other sources.

The Best Book for CLAT Preparation for Logical Reasoning

  • A Modern Approach To Logical Reasoning- R.S. Aggarwal
  • Analytical Reasoning- M.K. Pandey

How to Prepare Quantitative Techniques for CLAT

In this section of the CLAT Exam, the questions of short sets of facts or propositions, graphs, or other textual, pictorial or diagrammatic illustrations of quantitative data, followed by a series of problems will be asked.

Usual Questions will be asked based on the pattern of th standard from the sections like- Number system and basic arithmetic, ratio and proportion, mixture and allegations, probability, etc.

How to Deal with the Question of Quantitative Techniques?

  • Read the passage carefully with complete understanding and analyze each aspect before solving the question.
  • The selection authority tests simple mathematical computations and the expertise to analyze the passages and graphical data. That’s why most of the questions moved from formulae based questions to more logic-based questions.
  • Try to keep your rough clean that can help solve the next question, which saves time.

Preparation Strategy for Quantitative Techniques

  • First, clear the basics of 10th and 12th standard to mathematics books, this will help a lot while preparing for the CLAT exam.
  • Practice as more as possible, “Practice makes a man perfect.” Solve previous year papers and mock test series regularly for more practice.
  • The continuous practice may increase the speed, but in the exam, focus more on mark accurate answer in the sheet instead of worrying about the speed and time limit.

Best Book for CLAT 2025 Preparation for Quantitative Techniques

  • Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations- R.S. Aggarwal
  • Magical Book On Quicker Maths- M. Tyra
  • Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations- Abhijit Guha

CLAT Exam Pattern 2025

Go through the following table to know the difference in UG and PG CLAT Exam Pattern 2025-

Categories Under Graduate Post Graduate
Number of Questions 150 (MCQs) 150 (MCQs)
Time Duration 120 Minutes (2 Hours) 120 Minutes (2 Hours)
Sections –       Logical Reasoning

–       Legal Reasoning

–       Current Affairs & GK

–       Quantitative Techniques

–       English Language

–       Jurisprudence

–       Constitutional Law

–       Other Law Subjects

Marking Scheme Correct Answer: +1

Incorrect Answer: -0.25

Correct Answer: +1

Incorrect Answer: -0.25

CLAT Exam Pattern for LLB Program 2025

In the following table, candidates will get information about the number of sections asked in the LLB Program on the Graduate Level and the average number of questions asked in the exam.

  1. First Section is all about checking the knowledge of the candidates based on the logically solved situations.
  2. In the second section, the interest and knowledge of Law will be evaluated.
  3. In other sections, the passage comprehension ability, mathematics, and Basic English knowledge will be evaluated.
Section Average Number of Questions Asked
English Language (incl comprehension) 28-32 questions
Current Affairs and General Knowledge 35-39 questions
Mathematic Techniques 13-17 questions
Legal Reasoning 35-39 questions
Logical Reasoning 28-32 questions
Total 150 Questions

CLAT Exam Pattern for LLM Program 2025

In the following table, candidates get the sectional distribution of questions for the LLM Program on the postgraduate level

Section Total Questions Total Marks
Constitutional Law 100 MCQ + 2 Essay type Questions on Topics of Law or Contemporary issues. 100 MCQ – 1 mark each

2 Essay – 25 marks each


Other Law Subjects
Total 150 Marks

 Books For CLAT Exam 2025

Subject Name of the Book Author
Legal Reasoning Legal Awareness and Legal Reasoning: For the CLAT and LL.B. Entrance Examinations A. P. Bhardwaj
Logical Reasoning A Modern Approach To Logical Reasoning R.S. Aggarwal
Analytical Reasoning M.K. Pandey
Quantitative Techniques Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations R.S. Aggarwal
Magical Book On Quicker Maths M. Tyra
Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations Abhijit Guha
Current Affairs & General Knowledge Manorama Yearbook 2023 (English)
Lucent’s General Knowledge
English Language Word Power Made Easy New Revised & Expanded Edition Norman Lewis
Objective General English R.S.Aggarwal

CLAT Preparation FAQ’s

Q) How to prepare for the CLAT?

A) Candidates can prepare for the CLAT by taking reference of Previous Years’ Question Paper. So, they will get the idea of the questions asked in the exam and the difficulty level of the exam as well. Click Here (give preparation article link) to know the complete strategy about how to prepare for the CLAT.

Q) LAW: Can you give me tips for CLAT preparation?

A) As the CLAT Exam Date 2023 is released, the exam will be held on 18 December 2022. Candidates are worried about the tips and tricks while doing the exam preparation. Check out the following points to know tips for preparation-Firstly, candidates are suggested to read a daily newspaper regularly and the magazines, especially the editorial section.Solve Previous Year Question paper to get the idea of the level of the exam.Do practice with the help of several sample papers and online mock test series, which are easily available from various sources. Try to debate with the companions and family members about the latest news or on a topic related to the law matters.

Q) How to prepare for CLAT at home?

A) Check out the following points which help candidates to prepare for CLAT at home-First, know about the complete CLAT Syllabus and Exam Pattern, which helps to know about the sections asked in the exam.Get the previous year question paper online or the last paper year provided by the Consortium, try to solve them to get the idea about the pattern of the questions asked in the exam.Get the mock test series from the various sources and do practice from it regularly.Read newspapers, magazines, journals, and periodicals available online, etc.

Q) How should I start my preparation for CLAT 2025?

A) Candidates who want to make their career in the field of law, are suggested to start preparing for the exam after completion of 11th standard. Learn about the complete syllabus with in-depth knowledge of all the sections.Select those topics, which are easy and earliest to complete. Remember to do regular revision and keep doubt clearing sessions for self-observation.

Q) How to study for CLAT?

A) Candidates take reference of CLAT preparation to do study for CLAT. Here are some points that will help to study for CLAT for the candidates who want to appear in the exam- Get Online Study Material from various sites on the internet and start practising. Appearing for Mock Test is like giving the exam. So, candidates will get an idea of how the exam will get conducted. Start studying from the topic in which the candidate is confident to complete soon. Remember to revise regularly, it helps to remember facts, statements, and scenarios.

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