Difference Between CUCET and CUET

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Most of the students who have just cleared their 10+2 exams often have this question on their mind “What is the difference between CUCET and CUET “. To make the students understand the difference here we bring you this article to answer all your queries on CUET 2024 and CUCET. Wherein, this article will be an eye-opener for students who want to know more about CUET.

Overview of CUCET and CUET 

Most of the Indian Central Universities are established by the Act of Parliament; however, all of them are overviewed by the Department of Higher Education under the Ministry of Education. Indian Universities that are powered by the University Grants Commission Act of 1995 are generally recognized by University Grants Commission (UGC) in India. Wherein to control the various aspects that come under approvals and coordination the University Grants Commission has established 15 Professional Councils.

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In addition to that the Central Universities Act, of 2009 governs the Indian Central Universities that covers aspects such as powers, purposes, and governance of all central universities.

The Common Entrance test conducted by the University of Rajasthan from 2010 to 2020 that provides admission to various research programs/courses in Central Universities is popularly known as CUCET. This common entrance test is a common window for aspirants who are looking for admission to top Central Universities.

Hence, both CUCET and CUET are entrance exams that offer admissions for central universities, deemed universities, state universities, and private universities.

Before digging deep on to the topic let’s quickly find out the similarities between both exam.

Similarities between CUCET and CUET 

The following points brief you about the similarities between the CUCET and CUET.

  1. Type of Exam – Entrance exam
  2. Both CUCET and CUET offer courses for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.
  3. Both entrance exams are conducted once a year.
  4. The purpose of both CUCET and CUET  is to establish a well-organized system to provide single-window admission for students to universities (Central, deemed, state, and private)
  5. Both CUCET and CUET exam patterns are similar that include – Section 1A, and 1B for 45 mins each; Section 2 for 45 mins, and Section 3 for 60 mins.
  6. Both exams are conducted in India.

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A brief on the difference between CUCET and CUET

The following points will explain the major differences between CUCET and CUET. This will help the students to get more clarity about most of the queries on CUET and CUCET exams. Let us get on to the comparative points of CUCET and CUET.

  1. CUCET stands for Central University Common Entrance Test and CUET  Central University Entrance Test.
  2. CUCET was established in 2010 and CUET on 2021
  3. The conducting body of CUCET is the University of Rajasthan, wherein CUET  is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA)
  4. The total number of Universities participating in CUCET and CUET  are 41 and 43 respectively.

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What is CUET?

The Common University Entrance Test or CUET has not much difference compared to CUCET. However, CUET is conducted by the National Testing Agency since 2022 hosting 43 universities across India as part of the CUET exam. Hence students who are seeking admission at the 43 universities hosted by CUET must attend the CUET  exam and get a good score.

Eligibility Criteria for CUET/ CUCET

Both CUCET and CUET have similar eligibility criteria for attending the exam. The aspiring candidates must have cleared the 12th class to enter the exam, wherein the courses offered differs from each University and has different criteria. So it is advised for the candidates to go through the courses well before attending the exam. Prepare a collage and programs list offered by the particular universities, so that you’ll have better clarity on every aspect. This will in turn help the students to attend the exam with ease.

What is the difference between CUCET and CUET 2023?

There is no such difference between the CUCET and CUET as such. CUCET and CUET are the modified names of the same exam, which was taken over by the National Testing Agency in the year 2021 from The University of Rajasthan. Then the name changed from Central University Common Entrance Test (CUCET) to Common University Entrance Test (CUET). So the difference between CUCET and CUET is just the name and nothing else.

The syllabus and exam pattern of CUET don’t differ a lot compared to CUCET, but the number of universities taking part in CUET has increased which is the best part from a student’s perspective. The CUET has increased the number of universities to 43 by offering wide opportunities for students to get into their wish-listed universities.

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CUCET and CUET are the same exams with a modified name and organizing body which was earlier the University of Rajasthan and now the National Testing Agency. So, candidates are advised to not worry more about the difference between the CUCET and CUET  just because of the different names. Just get register yourself with the best coaching classes for CUET and kick-start your preparations with the best coaching and proper guidance by the trained professors.

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Difference Between CUET And CUCET FAQS

Q: Does CUET and CUCET have any difference?

A: No, there is no such difference between Common University Entrance Test (CUET) and Central Universities Common Entrance Test (CUCET), as the National Testing Agency took over the exam from the University of Rajasthan in 2021 and modified the name to CUET.

Q: Which exam is better CUCET or CUET?

A: CUET is the modified name of the CUCET and both the exams are same.

Q: Is the CUET PG exam similar to CUCET?

CUCET is modified to CUET by the National Testing Agency in 2021. But CUET has more than 40 universities compared to CUCET.

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