Is General Test Compulsory for CUET 2025? Complete Details!

The National Testing Agency administered the entrance exam, CUET 2025 is one of the popular entrance tests for the Under Graduation aspirants across the country. The candidates who are looking to pursue UG in one of the top universities across India must take up this entrance exam as all the popular universities rely on CUET 2025 marks for admission at their colleges. Hence aspiring students are suggested to be more knowledgeable about the entire CUET 2025, be it syllabus,   application,  Exam pattern,  preparation,  common queries, and everything about CUET 2025.

The popular Central Universities‘ entrance exam, the CUET language exam is parted into 2 sections, wherein Part 1 has two sections 1A and 1B. Section 2 consists of a domain-specific subject and section 3 covers a general test. The most hyped entrance exam,  will host more than 60 central universities, making the competition high. So the students need to concentrate on a general section of the examination. Read the complete article to know everything about the CUET 2025 General Test section.

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Is General Test Compulsory for CUET?

In this particular section, the General test evaluates candidates’ command over current affairs and general awareness. However, the answer to the most asked question of CUET ‘Is general test compulsory for CUET?’ by the candidates is ‘NO’. The General Test in CUET 2025 is not mandatory for all the courses chosen by the students, wherein 60% of the courses have a general test as a compulsory section, while the rest 40% don’t. However, the mandatory General test in CUET purely depends on the requisites of the colleges.


The CUET also offers the general test for the candidates who belong to the rest 40% and are still interested to take up the general test. Taking the general test benefits the candidates as the section is an easy scoring one, where students can score some extra marks and get a chance of qualifying.

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Tips on preparing for the General Test in CUET 2025

The general awareness field makes a considerable impact in the CUET exam; that majorly comes under the General test section. The candidates need to have good command over the general knowledge and current affairs part which must be learned outside the classroom and syllabus. However, it is suggested that the students get on the preparation shoes once the application for CUET 2025 is submitted.

  1. This particular section requires a lot of reading. To stay updated about what’s happening in and around the world, the candidates must get in the habit of reading the newspaper, magazines, books, and other mediums of news.
  2. You can read or listen to the news daily to have a good grasp of current affairs.
  3. Talking to people, and having a discussion with your friends regarding general awareness builds a lot of knowledge as well as helps you understand the current scenario of the nation and overseas.
  4. Candidates can also make a note of any news or general knowledge topic that they come across while reading newspapers or watching the news or listening to the radio or through any other medium. So that they can revise the same, once they are preparing for the CUET exam.
  5. To test their readiness, candidates can also take up mock tests on general awareness, which are offered by a lot of websites online. By doing so, students can evaluate their performance and also get to know their preparedness.
  6. To get a better understanding of general knowledge, students must dive into some major topics that include technology, science, books, Indian history, authors, capitals, awards, inventions, countries, significant dates, and sports.

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Current Affairs

The general test section in the CUET gives a major portion of it to current affairs. To ace this particular topic, students must be aware of the happening events across the country. Below are some tips to devise an effective plan to answer all the questions that come under the current affairs section.

  1. Spend some extra time listening to the news or events that happen across the nation every day. The candidates need to have an eye on events that are taking place in various fields such as science, arts, technology, culture, and defence-related affairs.
  2. It is very much useful for the students to keep up with every news and event that happened from a year before the exam date.
  3. The CUET aspirants can also evaluate their performance by taking up quizzes or mock tests multiple times.
  4. To level up the preparation level students must correct their incorrect answers and work on their weak areas before the exam.

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Overview of Exam Pattern of CUET 2025 General Test

The following table helps the students to have an overview of the exam pattern of the CUET general test 2025.

Sl.No. Sections Total Number of Questions Number of Questions to be Attempted Duration
1 General Knowledge  





60 Minutes

2 Current Affairs
3 General Mental Ability
4 Numerical Ability
5 Quantitative Reasoning
6 Logical and Analytical Reasoning

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To wrap up, above are the points that prove how vital the general test is for CUET aspirants. Now that you are familiar with all the information about the CUET general test, you should kick-start your preparations.

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FAQS About CUET General Test

Q: How many questions will the general test CUET include?

A: The CUET general test 2025 has 75 questions, out of which 60 questions are mandatory to attend.

Q: Who conducts the CUET Exam 2025

A: The organizer and the conducting body of the CUET exam 2025 is the National Testing Agency(NTA)

Q: Does the CUET exam 2025 have any age limit for the candidates?

The conducting body of the CUET has not set any age limit for the candidates to take up the exam. But the colleges they prefer may comply with an age limit.

Q: What's the duration and the sections of the CUET general test section?

A: The general section includes 6 sections and the time duration is 1 hour.

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