CUET Previous Year Question Paper [ Download Pdf Here]

The Common University Entrance Test, the National Testing Agency (NTA) organized entrance exam for admission to UG, PG, and various research-related programs hosting more than 200+ top Universities, comes with its own challenges and competition.

So it’s vital for the students to be aware of exam patterns, each and every topic, and questions that appear in the question paper to secure good marks and get admission to the best college and program. On that note, it’s better advised for candidates appearing for CUET 2025 to solve as many CUET previous years’ question papers as possible before entering the main exam.

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The CUET has become one of the coveted exams under the UG entrance carnival nationwide. The competition among the students to get into the top colleges, such as Delhi University, will be huge. So to overcome and stand out from all this competition and the exam hype, the candidates need to practice CUET previous years’ papers more often.

If you are preparing for the CUET exam 2025, you must go through this entire article to get all the necessary information and benefits of the previous years’ question paper of CUET. Also, you can measure your state of preparation for the same.

CUET Previous Years’ Question Paper

CUET UG Previous Year paper 1 Download Here
CUET UG Previous Year paper 2 Download Here
CUET UG Previous Year paper 3 Download Here

The CUET 2025 will be conducted in the month of May, which is a computer-based exam divided into three shifts. Candidates can take the exam in the language preferred by them as there will be 13 different language options given to choose from; English, Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Urdu, Assamese, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Punjabi, Odia. Also Check Domain Specific Subject in CUET.

It is vital for every student appearing for the CUET exam 2025 to go through the previous year’s question paper of CUET minutely, which in turn pushes them to get exceptional knowledge of the exam pattern and the topics covered.


Importance of Solving CUET Previous Year Question Paper:

Considering the high competition and exam difficulties, aspiring candidates must check on the previous years’ CUET 2022 and 2023 question papers and practice regularly. There are many benefits of solving the previous year’s question paper for the students, and some of the major points are listed below.

  • Practising the question papers will help the students better understand the exam pattern.
  • The more papers you practice more control you’ll get overtime management during the main exam.
  • Students who practice the previous years’ question paper will get more hold on the repeating exam pattern and questionnaire that pushes them forward in terms of better preparation.
  • This will also help the candidates understand their strengths and weaknesses on the topics covered in the CUET Exam 2025.
  • Perhaps, practising the CUET previous years’ question paper is the best way for the candidates to revise the topics they have studied for the CUET exam.

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CUET Sample Paper 2025

Solving the CUET sample papers will help the students to understand the upcoming questions and patterns of the CUET exam 2025. It’s advised for every candidate to practice as many sample papers as possible to ace the exam and thus get more insight and clarity regarding the syllabus, topics covered, type of questions asked, exam pattern, and topic to revise. Practising the sample paper of CUET 2025 will be a major step as part of your exam preparation and thus helps you to succeed in the exam a lot.

Benefits of solving CUET Sample Paper

  • Gives a better picture for the students of how the final exam will be.
  • CUET 2025 Sample paper will be a vital step for the students to secure well in the exam.
  • By solving more sample papers and best practice materials, students get the best way to understand and curate best practices in time management during the main exam.
  • Improve your preparation by giving clarity about your weak areas.
  • With the sustained practice of sample papers, students will definitely get a hold on their readiness.
  • Boosts your confidence level by reducing exam fear, which is very common in most students who are appearing for the CUET exam.

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After practising the CUET previous years’ question paper, CUET Sample question paper, and CUET mock tests. Students will have more command over the types of questions asked and the exam pattern. This will have a huge impact in making the students exam ready with an effective strategy and better time management skills under best practice to attend the CUET exam 2025.

CUET Previous Year Question Paper FAQs

Q: What is CUET?

A: CUET stands for Common university Entrance Test. It is a renowned exam for students who want to take admission to different Undergraduates Programs in 52 different universities of India.

Q: Why are previous year question papers important for CUET?

A: Previous year question papers are valuable resources for CUET students as they provide insight into the exam pattern, types of questions asked, and the level of difficulty. They can help students understand the format of the examination and prepare effectively.

Q: Where can I find CUET previous year question papers?

CUET previous year question papers can be found in various sources. Additionally, some websites and online platforms offer downloadable or online access to CUET previous year question papers.

Q: Can I rely solely on CUET previous year question papers for exam preparation?

While CUET previous year question papers are valuable resources, it is not advisable to rely solely on them for exam preparation. They should supplement your regular study materials, textbooks, and class notes. Understanding the concepts, practising additional problems, and referring to relevant study resources are equally important for comprehensive exam preparation.

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