English Including Reading Comprehension for CLAT 2025

The CLAT 2025 will be conducted with the new exam pattern. The screening process of the CLAT 2025 will be more focused on the analytical and critical thinking of the applicants, along with their reading ability. In this article, we share tips with a different approach based on the updated exam pattern for CLAT English Reading Comprehension.

CLAT English Including Reading Comprehension 2025

Per the expert’s advice, candidates must develop good reading ability and grammar skills. Applicants cannot develop these skills overnight. It demands consistency and focuses while reading something.

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It is equally important to understand the level and type of questions asked in the CLAT 2025 English, Including the Comprehension Syllabus and the reading and grammar skills.

What is CLAT English Including Comprehension 2025?

Candidates worry about English Including Comprehension for CLAT means the question in the exam will be asked from the passage. For occurrence, instead of asking CLAT English with comprehension vocabulary, the questions will be asked from the passage. Tips to crack the CLAT English Including Comprehension-

  1. Require constant reading.
  2. Reading and Understanding speed is important.
  3. Read the complete passage carefully.
  4. Develop English grammar and vocabulary.
  5. Practice with the help of various sample papers available online.
  6. Read about topics like- politics, business, art, and history. Most probably, the passage comes from one of these categories.
  7. CLAT English with Comprehension Idioms retrieves more marks.

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The Study Material for CLAT English  Reading Comprehension

Here is a list of a few good newspapers that helps candidates to prepare for English Including Comprehension For CLAT 2025-

The Hindu
The Indian Express Newspaper
The Telegraph
The Hindustan Times
Times of India

Change in CLAT Exam Pattern 2025

A few changes have been made to the CLAT Exam Pattern. Go down to the points to know the revised CLAT Exam Pattern-

  • English Language, Current Affairs (Including basic GK), Legal Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, and Quantitative Techniques are the sections asked in the CLAT 2025. Download CLAT Syllabus PDF.
  • The length of the passage will be 450 words. The questions will be asked from the same passage.
  • The questions from Logical Reasoning and Legal Reasoning is also asked in the form of a passage of 450 words.

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CLAT English Including Reading Comprehension Topics 2025

It isn’t easy to compare countries because various factors such as size, history, culture, geography, geopolitics, natural endowments, and internal polity come into play. Smaller countries can achieve some goals. Still, sometimes smaller countries find it difficult to implement certain big technological plans even if they have the funds because the domestic market size is too small. If we consider the bigger countries, India’s closest comparison is China, though there are many crucial differences.

The Chinese vision is to prepare the country for entry into mid-level developed nations’ ranks by the middle of the twenty-first (21st) century. Accelerating the nation’s economic growth and social development by relying on advances in science and technology is pivotal.

Documents describing the Chinese vision state that science and technology constitute premier productive forces and represent a great revolutionary power that can propel economic and social development. Interestingly, the main lesson the Chinese have drawn from their past performance is their failure to promote science and technology as strategic tools for empowerment.

They also point to the absence of mechanisms and motivations in their economic activity to promote dependence on science and technology. Similarly, they hold that their scientific and technological efforts were not oriented towards economic growth. Consequently, they conclude that many scientific and technological achievements were not converted into productive forces as they were too far removed from China’s immediate economic and social needs.

The Chinese vision is therefore aimed at exploiting state-of-art science and technology to enhance the nation’s overall power and strength, improve people’s living standards, focus on resolving problems encountered in large-scale industrial and agricultural production, and to effectively control and alleviate pressures brought on by population, resources and the environment.

By 2000, China aimed to bring the main industrial sectors up to the technological levels achieved by the developed countries in the 1970s or 80s and by 2020 to the level they would have attained by the early twenty-first century. The aim is to bridge the overall gap with the advanced world. A special emphasis is on research and development of high technologies that would find defence applications. Some of these technologies are critical for improving the features of key conventional weapons. Some technologies are meant to enhance future military capabilities.

Other efforts are aimed at maintaining the momentum to develop capabilities for cutting-edge defence technologies. They call for unremitting efforts in this regard to maintain effective self-defence and nuclear deterrent capabilities and to enable parity in defence, science, and technology with the advanced world.

Q1. Comparison between two countries becomes difficult because:

  1. The countries differ in their internal political systems.
  2. Each country has its own demography.

III. The countries with homogenous backgrounds are many in number.

  1. Only I.
  2. Only II.
  3. I and II. (ANSWER)
  4. All of the Above.

Q2. What is the goal of China to be accomplished by the middle of the 21st century?

  1. To become one of the most developed nations.
  2. To surpass the level of all middle-level developed nations by a good margin.
  3. To be the most influential superpower.
  4. None of These (ANSWER)

Q3. What, according to the Chinese vision, can boost the socio-economic development of China?

  1. Research and development.
  2. Science and Technology. (ANSWER)
  3. Premier productive forces.
  4. Minds united with revolutionary powers.

Q4. Which of the following fields has particularly been valued by China?

  1. Building high-quality infrastructure.
  2. Innovation in the field of Medicine.
  3. Defense applications based on high technologies. (ANSWER)
  4. Agricultural production.

Q5. Which of the following has the Chinese identified as the pitfall/pitfalls from their past?

  1. Lack of the orientation of science and technology towards economic growth.
  2. Lack of mechanism in their economic activities to promote the use of science and technology.

III. Excessive emphasis on science and technology as a strategic measure for empowerment.

  1. Only I.
  2. Only II.
  3. Only III.
  4. I and II. (ANSWER)

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CLAT English Including Comprehension FAQs

Q)- How many questions will be asked in the CLAT English including comprehension?

A)- Approx. 28-32 questions will be asked for CLAT English including comprehension section of the CLAT 2025.

Q)- What are some of the important topics that I need to prepare for CLAT English?

A)- CLAT English important topics that one should study are grammar, vocabulary, antonym & synonyms, idioms & phrases. Candidates are suggested to focus on reading skills.

Q)- What are the subjects of CLAT?

A)- A list of the sections in the CLAT 2025 exam paper is mentioned below wherein candidates need to answer questions from subjects such as: Legal Aptitude, Current affairs including General Knowledge, Quantitative Techniques ( Mathematics), Logical Reasoning, Legal Reasoning, English including Comprehension, Legal General knowledge.

Q)- Why is reading newspapers important for CLAT preparation?

A)- The revised CLAT Exam Pattern focuses on testing the applicants' reading, analytical skills, and critical thinking skills. Newspapers are acknowledged as a good source of information and include columns and editorials that the aspirants should read to improve reading skills.

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