How To Prepare For CLAT From Class 11 [Study Plan]

If you’re someone who is still pursuing your 11th grade and thinking to build a career in the field of law, then it is high time you should start preparing for the CLAT exam. Common-Law Admission Test (CLAT) is the entrance exam that is a gateway to 22 participating NLUs. Now that you are still in 11th grade, you will have two years of time to prepare for your exams. Two years are more than sufficient for preparing for CLAT exams.

How To Start CLAT Preparation From Class 11

The doubt here is that how to prepare for CLAT from class 11 when you already have to study a lot of things. To prepare for CLAT in 11th grade, you need to create a preparation strategy that can balance your school and CLAT preparation. CLAT is a law entrance exam that will be conducted in offline mode. It is a comprehension-based paper that focuses on the critical thinking and reading ability of candidates.

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After finishing your 12th, pursuing a degree of the propensity towards legal and social domain would make you approach CLAT smoothly. You should always check the CLAT syllabus and pattern of the test before you begin your preparation. The syllabus will provide a broad framework that will help you start CLAT preparation. While preparing for CLAT exams, you need to master five sections that include:

  1. Legal aptitude and reasoning
  2. English language and comprehension
  3. Quantitative ability
  4. Logical reasoning
  5. General knowledge and current affairs

How To Prepare For CLAT From Class 11?

Three Phases of Preparation

As you still in class 11, you will have two years to prepare for the exam. You can divide CLAT preparation into three phases:

  1. In the first phase, you can go through all the basics of preparation. You can read and understand the CLAT syllabus, NCERTs, and other basic books.
  2. In the second phase, you can focus on concept building. Here, you need to go through the details of each subject. This phase is an important one as it will have a great bearing on your success.
  3. In the third phase, you will focus on making yourself exam-ready. Here, you need to solve a lot many CLAT sample papers, mock tests, and revise the concepts developed in the second phase. Your CLAT preparation should begin from the second half of class 12 and continue till the exam day.

Make a study routine

CLAT preparation requires you to prepare consistently. For consistency, you need to follow a study routine. The main problem while preparing for CLAT is time management. Attending school and preparing for CLAT can be difficult for any student.

So, make a routine that is practically possible and doesn’t overburden you with the excess study. The study routine should be such that it should have 3 hours each day for CLAT preparation while the remaining time can be allotted for school and physical activities. As days go on, you need to increase your time for CLAT preparation.

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Preparing For CLAT In 11th Class

As you are still in 11th grade, you have a good amount of time to develop the core skills needed to clear the exam. Core skills mean reading and critical thinking skills which will be developed over a period of time. Start reading the newspaper, editorial section, and legal news carefully. Read legal journals and papers that have complex legal texts and terminology.

While you read an article, try to identify the arguments and draw conclusions. The first subject to start your CLAT preparation will be reading the very basic books.  NCERTs should be the first point of reference for CLAT preparation. Reading NCERTs on India polity, Constitution, English Grammar will help you develop a strong base for your CLAT preparation.

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Evolve Conceptual Understanding

When you have two years of time for preparing for the CLAT exam, you should focus on developing conceptual understanding. The CLAT paper will evaluate the conceptual understanding of a diverse range of topics. Legal aptitude requires concept-building skills. To clear the legal aptitude section, candidates should start from scratch, by reading the basics of law and understanding the issues in-depth. By the year-end, the candidates should have a proper understanding of the CLAT exam requirements.

How To Prepare For General Knowledge & Current Affairs?

General knowledge and current affairs are two subjects that test the awareness of the issue discussed in the comprehension passage. To prepare for these subjects, the candidates should focus on the topics mentioned in the CLAT syllabus and prepare accordingly.

General Knowledge can be prepared by reading NCERTs and standard books for CLAT preparation. Current affairs is a dynamic section where the newspapers can be the best companion. Additionally, you can also read monthly currency affairs books.

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How To Prepare For Legal Aptitude?

Legal aptitude seems to be one of the scariest subjects to some students. So, you need to focus on it more. As you will have two years for preparation, you will have enough time for learning the concepts of legal aptitude. You can start by reading the basics of the Indian Constitution and polity from NCERTs. Slowly, you can deal with books like AP Bharadwaj.

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Making Notes

It is very important to make notes while you are preparing for CLAT exams. Even though you have started your preparation from 11th grade, you should make notes on legal subjects, general knowledge, and current affairs. It is always better to make a separate notebook for important court cases, legal terminologies. For general knowledge, you should make short notes for static subjects like history, economics, social science, etc.

Refer study material provided by Consortium

The Consortium of NLUs provides study materials for CLAT preparation. These study materials will tell you exactly what you need to prepare for the CLAT exam. You can find the study material on the official website of the consortium. Although you are in class 11 you should start solving the sample papers given by the consortium. For solving these question papers, you will require analytical skills and reading skills before having the knowledge of the subjects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q). What is the type of questions asked in the CLAT exam?

A). Comprehension-based questions will be asked in the exam. Multiple choice questions will be framed from given passages.

Q). How to prepare for CLAT from class 11?

A). Follow the three phases of preparation mentioned above, follow a study routine, make notes, evolve conceptual understanding, and refer to the study materials provided by the consortium.

Q). How to prepare for CLAT current affairs?

A). While preparing for CLAT current affairs, read a daily newspaper and monthly magazine.

Q). What is the mode of exam for CLAT 2025?

A). CLAT 2025 will be conducted in offline mode.

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